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At 6:42pm on May 29, 2013,
rockin' bot
Steve Brand

Not coincidentally, I got this link in an email from the Abraham/Hicks folks...


Relates to our conversation.

At 5:50pm on March 29, 2013,
space bot

and love goes back to Base station Eindhoven. thank you so much, Eelke : )

At 2:04pm on July 31, 2011,
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Dan Miñoza
thanks Apollonius! great to connect here. The 8 and 10 string touch guitars i play are made by a guy out in california named Mark Warr.  www.warrguitars.com   also check out www.stick.com and www.touchguitars.com  there are many different approaches to "touch style" ...check out youtube and you'll see what i mean :)   -cheers!
At 9:44am on June 9, 2011,
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33 Tetragammon

thanks dude!


ja, 13, zonnestorm, Lahun Cimi op die dag (in die Resonante wavespell).......one might think the frakkin' (LADA!!!!!) Universe is trying (?!?!?!) to start a transformation accelerator in a car with no breaks, driven by some stupid looking guy in a black cape, dumping those damn stones on my head all the time (SKODA!!!!!). back to the Core i guess.....


i.m blessed to have you along for this very intense journey, my friend! and thanks for last tuesday, amazing timing! 

nog ekkes, en dan is t veurbij. dan lachen we erom an d'n tap, lurkend aan vers gebastolinoleerd Trappist......





At 10:48pm on April 23, 2011,
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Jennifer H. Allison

ha ha.. not all of us are 'gun nuts', though..  I'm afraid Americans are just as susceptible to stereotypes as everybody else.. apparently we're all 'rednecks from Texas, we're all loud and rude, and we all got more money than God'... hee hee.. (if only that last part were true!)

Thanks for the kind comments re the poetry :-)

At 6:53pm on April 20, 2011,
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33 Tetragammon

uuuuhhh, neuheu!!!! da kannie!!!!

da's waaaaaayyy voor mijn tijd, if you recall correctly....


jaaahh.... denkend .......SHUT UP.....


At 11:20am on April 17, 2011,
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Jennifer H. Allison
Oh!  You mean your 'gun' is a camera!  lol- welcome to the community!
At 8:05am on April 17, 2011,
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John K-N
Hello! Wonderful to have a new member in the community and I'm really glad Richard introduced you to us! Please have a glance at my last community update email which kind of does a quick summary of what's going on recently: http://relaxedmachinery.ning.com/profiles/blogs/rm-updates-news-reviews
At 8:48am on April 16, 2011,
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Richard Gürtler
Hi Eelke, it's really nice to see you here on rM community, welcome!!! I am sure you will enjoy it. Met vriendelijke groet.

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