i'm very excited to announce here the release of something i've alluded to for a while - namely a collaboration that i did with an Estonian female poet, called ellom, in the summer of 2010. it's an E.P - only 5 tracks, and it's now available, both to listen to, and buy, via Bandcamp. i've only ever shared these pieces with a tiny handful of people, so i'm chuffed (pleased) that they are finally out in the world.

i'm very greatful to ellom for sorting out all the Bandcamp page stuff. oh, i did the artwork, too. i hope some may take a moment, or 3, to listen in.



(i couldn't get the embed code to work. nothing unusual in that, for me ;-))

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Comment by John K-N on July 24, 2011 at 6:41pm

I'm excited to download this Peter and Ellom.  


Note - you can't get Bandcamp embeds to work here - it's a Ning restriction.  It's nothing you're doing!   A lot of communities are trying to get Ning to allow these types of embeds to work.

Comment by peter james on July 24, 2011 at 7:50pm
many thanks John - i really hope that you may like it. and, for a change, it's cool to know it's not my (usual) internet/embedding-code ineptitude that's got in my way ;-)


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