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Aairria - The Sorrowful Songs Of Water Spirits (2011)


This is my newest album. And to make Jkn happy I've decided to share with you some of this production's history.

So let me tell you a story.


Once upon a time there was a girl. One could think she's perfectly ordinary but no, she was not. Her body was born in normal ways but her soul emerged from within a lake and turned out to be bound with a water spirit. That spirit was her lifeforce - without it she would remain only an empty shell. So was she herself? Or was she just inside of this spirit's mind?

Many questions and doubts ran through her as she struggled to live a normal life. Fate gave her many sorrows and few happy moments. For whatever reasons some people wanted to use her body as a soul container - which in fact she was. Some other wanted to make her life even more a nightmare. But it wasn't that important. She had friends who cared about her. She had her love - a beautiful priestess with hair made of sunlight. Together they were like night and day. It was fine that way.

Like for many things in life there was a price for her life as well. As she wouldn't have lived at all without the spirit, one day it decided to do what it intended from the start. The spirit wished to go back to Mother's garden, deep in the sea. So the girl, feeling the spirit's need as strong as if it was her own, went on into the sea. And there she died and so freed the spirit.

But she and the spirit were bound together too strongly. And so she herself became that spirit and went into Mother for all eternity, dreaming and waiting... for the day she could be reborn.


I am fully aware that this story might be a bit difficult for some of you. But you should know it's not important whether you consider it real or not. It just is as it is and without the need for confirmations or beliefs. The music I present to you is intended to be a collection of memorial songs. Water spirits are not human so don't expect voices and words.

These are water and wind singing.


As always I hope you'll enjoy the listening. The album is free for download - so are other ones.

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Comment by Apollonius on November 14, 2011 at 6:45am

A great story and really resonates with me. I immediately had my own interpretation of it. For me the girl represents us humans not knowing we are part of spirit. At a certain point in our live we discover that truth and subsequently find out that the spirit part of us wants to return home: this home is represented by the sea or the Source Consciousness which we all originated from. But in order for the girl to return to Source Consciousness she must die, meaning her ego or earth bound aspect has to be let go of. The moment she 'dies' she becomes one with spirit and at last truly free. She has returned to Source Consciousness but of course this consciousness is always conjuring up new ways to submerge itself into human life and to go through the cycle again.

Now I will listen to the music. Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Aairria on November 14, 2011 at 7:42am

I didn't even think of a need to interpret this story as there was nothing more to it than the story itself. But your interpretation is somewhat awesomely accurate. Thank you for sharing it.

Comment by Apollonius on November 14, 2011 at 7:54am

Indeed, the story needs no interpretation it's beautiful onto itself. It just spontaneously welled up in me.

I find the music (now listening) mysterious and serene. 

Comment by John K-N on November 14, 2011 at 8:36am

" to make Jkn happy" ...  ha!   Love it.  

And I enjoyed the source story - and now definitely want to hear the album.


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