"The Separate Ones" by Eyes Cast Down


Many of you will no doubt be familiar with Greg Moorcroft for his passionate support of the ambient scene in a variety of forums, in particular his work with the Relaxed Machinery community.  Over the years I've known him, Greg has proven to be an all around nice guy and a very talented musician as evidenced by his appearances on a number of compilations, so I'm very pleased to hear that he's released his debut album "The Separate Ones" in his musical identity as Eyes Cast Down.

Over the course of it's six tracks, "The Separate Ones" presents a beautiful and natural listening space to explore.  Rich in organic tones and enveloping washes, Greg has created a really inviting soundscape that connects immediately, drawing the listener in and surrounding them with it's beauty.   From the subtle and quiet opening of "First Day Apart" with it's long drifting pads that stretch and elongate as time passes, through the ebb and flow of  "Rebuild from Memory" blending in subtle shifts to the dreaming flow that's been established, Greg meticulously crafts an engaging sonic environment for listeners to immerse themselves in.  "Knife of Karma" continues in a similar vein, adding a mildly percussive element to the proceedings, firmly entrenching the listener in the sonic world that he's created.  I probably shouldn't have to tell you at this point that I'm hooked, solidly absorbed in Greg's work.

The second half of the album beginning with "Expanse of Heart" finds Greg shifting the tone a little, adding vocals that evoke ceremony and ritual, a feeling that suggests an exploration of inner-, rather than outer-space.  "Like a Riven Cloud" adds some particularly emotive strings to the mix, and "Radha's Tears" closes the album with a wash of pads flowing over the soundscape anchored by some lovely vocal work.  Very nicely done and very engaging.

As noted above, I think that Greg Moorcroft is a really talented guy, and with the release of "The Separate Ones" I'm confident that a lot more people will start thinking the same thing. A really strong debut that I whole-heartedly encourage you to pick up for yourself.

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"The Separate Ones" by Eyes Cast Down is available from the Eyes Ca...

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Comment by eyes cast down on June 3, 2013 at 9:04am

Wow - thank you very much, Rik! :)


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