Nightscaping Radio on - 4/23/2014 (today!)

Wed Apr, 23 2014 7:00 PM EDT — Wed Apr, 23 2014 9:15 PM EDT


On this Wednesday night's edition of Nightscaping Radio on Stillstream: I'll be featuring tracks from the album "Inside The Hollow Realm" by Numina and Caul, celebrating its 10th anniversary of its release in 2014. Also, new to the show - music by Frore, Stillstream's Featured Artist of The Month for April; new dark tracks by Cousin Silas, music by Disturbed Earth, and stuff by That Bald Guy™...err...Har. Starts at 7:00PM

"The Calling Whisper" in the Best New Music in 2012 at New Age Music World

Forgot to mention this...  At New Age Music World, "The Calling Whisper" has been added to their "Best New Music in 2012" segment.  Pretty cool, huh?  It seems some people actually do check out my music, and like it..  Anyway, go check them out. Awesome site. 


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