Studio Kinetoscope - Design Plan with Acoustic Treatments

Planning a first round of acoustic treatment purchases frrom - which is only about 90 minutes from my home. 


Behind monitors / desk - a 24x48x2 panel mounted to wall (drawing right).


Behind chair - a 24x48x2 baffle - hung from sky hooks on a track rod - normally for curtains - however the panel is only 9 lbs so should be fine on this rod.   I'll have a baton attached so the baffle is easy to slide away from window over wall when not in use.   (drawing left)


Over closet doors will be another 24x48x2 baffle hung in same way - I'll slide it out of way as I need access to my clothes in the closet.  :-)   (drawing bottom)


The window to the left of the listening position (drawing top) is a problem - it's behind a fairly massive Manfrotto a-frame keyboard stand so covering it is an issue.  Instead - we'll hang three 24x36x2 panels on the walls on either side and on the back wall (drawing left near top). 


In that top left corner in drawing - I'll be adding one 24x48 bass trap -   This is probably not enough for the room.  


We'll see how this sounds before adding the possible other two bass traps and baffle indicated in green.   If necessary we could also mount a panel on the ceiling.   I don't want to deaden the room - just tame it.    Note the possible bass trap and hanging baffle on the same track rod as over the closet would be essentially blocking off that little alcove/hallway area in the room.  We would move those as needed - stack the bass trap on top of one of the other bass traps - and possible take down the baffle off the hooks when not recording / sound editing.


Click for full size image:

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