Studio Changes + Closets + Purging

My wife and I have started a multi-weekend project to improve my studio.  Since we live in a fairly small house - changing one thing usually involves changing at least four others.   This is no exception!    I like to joke that my house is kind of like one of the picture slide puzzles, where you slide the squares all around to make the picture... 


So first step was to totally empty my wife's closet, take down the closet organizer stuff in there, she did some caulking and painting while it was (almost) empty, and put it all back together in a different configuration.   We did that last weekend and it's all finished except for putting up some shelves (it's surprisingly a small walk in closet - which for the tiny bungalow we live in - it's baffling how a walk in closet was ever added... but hey - the house was added onto twice...someone must've thought it a good idea - and they were right!)   Anyway - the shelves are standards and bracket shelving that's currently in my studio.   So that part still has to happen and probably a weekend or two away yet.


Tonight we start my closet - which will be a similar take down the closet organizer, put a piece that was previously in Heidi's closet - and put it all back together.  Goal is to get the right places for the right stuff in both mine and her closets so that less is out and about in my studio.


Of course, purging of stuff plays a huge part in all this - and it's hard to let go of some stuff.  But it's time. We've lived here for twenty years and we've been actively purging, donating, rearranging, rethinking how we use our space for years.


Below is my studio space - totally not to scale.   The one on the right might be a little closer to scale - the room is more of a square than a rectangle.   Goal is to eventually get to a more acoustically treated room - well, the best I can get to at least.


Once we start getting the massive walls of shelving down - and start pulling stuff out - it'll be easier to "see" for me what can go where. 


Drawing updated 3/24/2011 - deleted previous drawings.  Each square is 12" - this is "nearly" to scale - it's not perfect - but really close.   Added curtain across closet doors and small hallway.  Pulled desk from wall - I don't have a desk or a rack that will be going in there yet - I'm looking for one.    I want to keep the bass amp in the room - just not sure where it will fit yet.   The big fabric chair I really want in there also, but it's becoming problematic. 


Drawing updated April 15, 2011:





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Comment by John K-N on March 21, 2011 at 4:07pm

Weekend two of the big rearrange the house so my studio can have less "stuff" in it, be more efficient, and ultimately sound a lot more professional has been completed.  


Heidi and I tackled my closet - pulling out everything - moving the closet organizer over, adding a piece of closet orgnizer furniture thingamabob from Heidi's closet into mine. 


I'm rethinking a bit.


What if...   I eliminate the "stainless steel table" - and replace it with a rack stand?   Does anyone have recommendations on these two units I found at Best Buy?   (Why Best Buy? - I've got some "reward points" racked up and I get free shipping - they don't carry a ton of music stuff I want but when they do it's a good place for me to buy from).


On-Stage - Rack Stand - Gray Maple


Product Height 25"
Product Width 30"
Product Weight 40 lbs.
Product Depth 23-5/8"
Compatibility  WS7500 workstation and WSC7500 rack cabinet
Material Steel


12-space rack capacity
Supports up to 175 lbs. of rack-mountable equipment.

 Gator Cases - 20-Space Studio Rack Cabinet - Black


Product Height 21"
Product Width 20-1/2"
Product Weight 42 lbs.
Product Depth 18"
Material MDF, oak laminate


20-space (12 on bottom, 8 on top) studio rack cabinet
With a 15-1/2" rackable depth for storing a variety of gear.

Comment by John K-N on March 21, 2011 at 4:17pm

Quick not to scale look at the room with one of these units and the steel table removed:


Comment by John K-N on March 21, 2011 at 7:29pm

No worries on typos!   I appreciate the advice.


Nothing is measured yet and I've realize the room is essentially a square.   I will be measuring soon so I can get things in a better arrangement and know how much room I actually have to play with.


This is such a work in progress - totally evolving plan.  Don't be surprised if there's a version 15. :-)


I'm also slowly but surely learning from James and others like Har on how things should be setup.  


Part of why I'm posting this is a "starting from the beginning" and evolving /learning over time.


Thanks for all the hints and advice!

Comment by John K-N on March 21, 2011 at 7:53pm

James - Nice Racks - definitely good looking and affordable!   Thanks.


Glass desk...  sold off my wood desk.  Never realized glass or stainless steel would be a problem - but of course - I wasn't thinking...  ;-)


Unfortunately, up until a year or two ago I had this desk:  


Comment by John K-N on March 21, 2011 at 7:57pm

And for your humor!  I used to have a big 80's era IBM server rack in my studio - which this shot doesn't show the whole thing, but enough!  


Yes - big huge totally metal - with a metal door... and a wonderful "emergency stop" red pull button at top.


NOTE:  This is *not* in my studio now.   It's in my mother-in-law's garage.  :-)

Comment by John K-N on March 22, 2011 at 6:51am

Pete, great thoughts, but it's just not me.  :-)


I'm very attached to my synths - they're like great guitars to me.  Things on the Juno, Prophet, and Modular that just don't 'feel' the same within the computer - and for me the feel is what's important. There's magic in knobs and sliders and sounds that shift slightly just because I touch a certain knob or slider.  And I just bought my 88 key piano controller ( piano is my first love - I started when I was 5.)   


My bass amp.  I've often thought of selling the beast and getting a smaller tube combo amp, but ...  eh... just can't seem to do it.   If I ever jam with someone live - it's fantastic - and with a couple mics on the cabinets the bass sound really comes alive. 



Comment by John K-N on March 22, 2011 at 9:29am


OK - did some measuring - here's a "really close to scale" drawing.  Each square is a foot.   Note:  floor is carpet. 


Comment by Andrew Quitter on March 23, 2011 at 12:25pm
Looks like I might have to grab a synth and make a trip to Peoria sometime soon ;)
Comment by John K-N on March 23, 2011 at 5:47pm
Ceiling height is 95"... just one inch shy of 8'.
Comment by Aaron Jasinski on March 24, 2011 at 11:51am
John, remember when i was a big hardware-head?  I have to admit, I've gone the route of Ingeous Flame. Most of the music i make now is on my 1 hour (each way) ferry commute to and from work. Just my Macbook Pro, AKG cans and Ableton Live (plus a bunch of plug ins). I sometimes miss my synths but I haven't really used them in years.


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