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Review : Steve Brand_Over-soul_Pioneer Light Music

Review by Headphonaught

First up we have "Over-Soul" by Steve Brand on the mighty Relaxed Machinery microlabel. I only received this piece a couple of nights ago but have had it on almost constant loop. It is haunting drone piece that is awash with sound & texture, a piece that moves and evolves throughout the hour that it is on.

Steve Brand is a consistently excellent musician and “Over-Soul” is a timely reminder. The dynamic variety of the piece sets it apart, moving from quiet to loud with apparent ease. “Over-Soul” is a track that needs to be felt and to be experienced, preferably with good headphones and a quiet space in which to sit. Listening to it while walking to the station this morning was, in many ways, a disservice. It did, however, make me want to get a headphone amp for my iPod. Further listens in an open-plan office and then in my living room did highlight that this is a piece that rewards the attentive listener ... but then this is what I have come to expect from Steve Brand and the Relaxed Machinery microlabel.


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Comment by Jaja on November 16, 2013 at 3:55pm

i heard a preview and in this one especially i love the drums hidden in this sound. im very much looking forward to listen to your piece of sound soon again : )


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