Relaxed machinery member releases - Section II

Nov 15 2014

Updated the member release section with all releases from October, Jana

Sep 21 2014

Updated the member release section with all releases from August, Jana

Aug 26 2014

Updated the member release section with all releases from July, Jana

Aug 1 2014

Updated the member release section with all releases from June, Jana

Jul 13 2014

Updated the member release section with all releases from May, Jana

Jun 16, 2014

Updated the member release section with all releases from April, Jana

May 25, 2014

Updated the member release section with all releases from March, Jana

May 10, 2014

Updated the member release section with all releases from February, Jana

April 21, 2014

Updated the member release section with all releases from January, Jana

April 6, 2014

Today i present to you all member releases from last December, all in all 21 releases. Look at the frontpage, left bottom, and see if you have missed an album. Enjoy and all the best, Jana

March 23, 2014

Due the large amount of new member releases, i decided to stop reviewing single releases, and instead do highlight all November releases on the frontpage. I am really sorry but theres no other way because theres now too much delay. In 2 weeks i will present all December releases, then all releases from January, February, March and so on. I hope you understand. Please look the frontpage on the left bottom for the beautiful music by our members, maybe you missed the one or other : ) Best, Jana

February 27, 2014

Hello hello hello, some new member releases:

Darage Bang - Fever by our member Frank (Germany)

Style: Ambient

Umbral landscapes of the subconscious, broken by lucid moments, which are sinking down to the abyssals of oblivion as quickly as they ascended. I cant describe this release better than the artist do.

Eugene Kha - Nano Life by our member Evgenij (Russia)

Style: Ambient

Ethereal, expanding, bright and very positive, this come to my mind by hearing Evgenij's nano music that he created and recorded mobile in the subway and electric trains, in cafe, during walks in park and on travel.

Chronotope Project - Event Horizon by our member Jeffrey (US)

Style: Ambient

Deep, earthly, joyful and profound, touching the mysterious interrelation of existence in space. Rich soundbeds, flowing watery melodies, sparkling sequences, arpeggios, and a brilliant mastering.

Nojoined - Ex 6 Minus by our member David (UK)

Style: Drone

Drone depths, oscillating sounds and noises, experimental melodies and a pure adventure into the world of the minimal sound, it's birth, evolution, compression and rapture of the deep. My very very fav is Minus-5.

Fabio Keiner - Paranoia by our member Fabio (Austria)

Style: Experimental

Unique, antique, baroque, glacial- and choral-like, cascading and sculpturing sounds in a special way. Every time i listen to a new music by Fabio, im surprised by his very own deep connection to eternity.

Phobos - Monolith byour member David (UK)

Style: Space Music

David is a companion soul to me, his space music is live, raw, beautiful, analog, and full of stars, moons, planets, outer space. Monolith reminds me a bit to Steve Roach's spacey spheres and that is just wonderful.

I wish you much pleasure with this great music, Jana

January 30, 2014

Finally, some more new member releases:

Red Clouds - Medicate The Soul by our member James (US)

Style: Ambient

Meditative spiral floating sounds with a touch of melancholy

Chitin - Should We Fear by our member Asterroid Anxiety (Russia)

Style: Experimental

Made using the Cosmosf stochastic synthesizer, pure space spheres and noises

AmoebiKathedral - Amazonian Floor Symphony by our member J.M. Von Kotterhausen (US)

Style: Ambient

Natural, airy, warm, meditative, and very earthly, Amazonas is calling me

Lunar Navigational Systems - Aural Portraits Of Triton Vol. 1 by our members Gregg (US) and Scott (US)

Style: Drone

Space drones, ethereal chorals, distant spheres, we approach Triton

Christopher Alvarado & Mystified - Through Liminal States by our member Christopher (US) with Thomas Parker

Style: Experimental

Very ancient and foreboding, mystical, smoky, with oriental vibes

Ambientsketchbook - Glacial by our member Lee (UK)

Style: Ambient

Glacial spheres, melancholic feelings, and hauntingly beautiful melodies

Enjoy the moments,


December 31, 2013

Happy new year with some new member releases:

Emmanuel Toledo & Mathieu Lamontagne - 6 Steps To Red Forest by our member Mathieu (Canada) with Emmanuel (Finland)

Style: Drone, Ambient

Calming, mysterious, ethereal drone ambiences with field recordings from the forest and bell-like themes.

Stiofan Dubh - 2012 by our member Steven (US)

Style: Synthesizer Music, Ambient

Wondrous synthesizer melodies stretching out to the sky, a very heartful music that flows crazily beautiful.

Chronotope - Vanish Into Blue by our member Jeffrey (US)

Style: Ambient, New Age

One track (Medicine Wheel) of an old album from 1993, absolutely mesmerizing antique sounds meet the hearts of space.

The Elderbranch Campain - Aural Histories Of The Jovian Survey Book IV

Style: Drone, Space Ambient

Hauntingly discoveries of space, longform melodies in all its subtle grace, the feeling within the music is truly touching.

Juta Takahashi - Transcendence by our member Juta (Japan)

Style: Ambient

Beautifully evocative and exotic ambient music thats made with synthesizers and ethnic instruments.

Mathieu Lamontagne - Persistance by our member Mathieu Lamontage (Canada)

Style: Ambient, Drone

Serene drone ambiences with subtle and beautiful melodie spheres, a very relaxed and equably music.

Ambientsketchbook - Diversions EP by our member Lee (UK)

Style: Ambient, Drone, Shoegaze

Deep dive into soothing spheric territories, very quiet, beautiful dream-like music for the inbetween hours.



December 13, 2013

Hello again, with some new member releases for your enjoyment.

Ambientsketchbook - Awakenings by our member Lee (UK)

Style: Ambient, Desert-Ambient, Traditional

Beautifully hauntingly ambiences made of traditional and classical instruments and themes, music that goes under the skin

Twilight Transmissions vs. Void of Realms -Between Worlds, Beyond Shadows by our members Christopher (US) and Kevin (US)

Style: Dark Ambient, Industrial, Metal

Music from the worlds ending, doom in perfect beauty and definately influenced by the EBM music from the past

Purejunk - Dreamachine by our member Tim (UK)

Style: Ambient, Chill-Out, Downbeat

Dreamily and moony music for the lazy hours with spices of 80ies synth fever and some experimental and classical sounds

Ensueno - Drinkers Of Echo by our member Rudy (Russia)

Style: Ambient, Space Ambient

Mysterious natural space music from the dreamlands, mystic, melancholic, spheric and with digeridoo and tribal-like sounds

Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes - Live In Tucson by our member Steve (US)

Style: Desert-Ambient, Tribal Ambient

Live music taken from the beautiful album Vine, Bark & Spore, this is tribal shamanic desert sounds in its purest form

Toaster - Mourners by our member Todd (US)

Style: Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental

Dark dusky and mournful music with some classical and experimental sounds, very brooding, and so beautiful themes inside

Keep listening : )


November 20, 2013

Hello dear music lovers, i decided to change the system a bit, and will post 7 new member releases with short keywords and short introductions.

Smooth - Flow by our member Marco (Germany)

Style: House, Dubtechno, Progressive

Fresh and smooth beats, mega deep rhythms and beautiful uplifting while being melancholic melodies

The Elderbranch Campain- Aural Histories Of The Jovian Survey (Book III) by our members Stephen and Gregg (UK/US)

Style: Drone, Dark Space Ambient

Mesmerizing drones, haunting subtle themes and choirs and the continue of a space discovery

EugeneKha - November II by our member Evgenij (Russia)

Style: Experimental, Drone, Ambient

A droning ambient Monolith, cold, icy, industrial, with many higly interesting noises that form from and to a drone

Burning Artist/Burnt Emeralds - Earth by our members Kevin and David (US)

Style: Space Music, Experimental

Wonderful modular experiences, very spacey, a fantastic adventure, dont miss it because its one of the last releases by Kevin

Stormloop - Arctic Conditions by our member Kev (UK)

Style: Ambient, Desert-Space Music

Wondrous music with wide open spheres, beautiful textures and a touch of eternity, a winter inspired album

Seren Fjord - Halo by our member Seren (UK)

Style: Dark Ambient, Ambient

Sound processings, longform expression of experimental ingredients, a hidden mystic vibration, in tribute to Oöphoi

Red Clouds - Modern Sounds by our member James (US)

Style: Dark Ambient, Experimental, Drone

Miraculous dark and brooding mechanic LFO-sound from the machine, with those deeper melancholic-mysterious themes

You should really listen to all this music, its truly enjoyable : )


October 25, 2013

Last time we decided to start a new, second blog about the member releases because the other blog is too full and needs almost 2 minutes to load. Sorry that i didnt recognize earlier, we have a super-fast connection here. Now we start a new space, but if you would love to enter the last space too, go here: Relaxed machinery member releases - Section I

Hello dear music lovers, 7 new member releases are waiting for your attention, and i promise it will be worth it.

Fresh and glittering with awesome artwork by Sheleah Nahshon comes Spectrum, a new album by Simon Walsh aka Symatic Star. Music from the hearts of Australia towards universe.

Spheres in dub structures, dance of the modular system by creators Arbee (alias Mathieu Lamontagne) & Mr Bios. Wonderful new ep. Goes in tradition with old Basic Channel music, anew.
Sojourner is a wonderful word and so is the music on this latest album by Phillip Wilkerson. Calm, meditiative and full of emotion and tender. Epiphany reminds me to a new song (Stars) by me, love this.
Building Bridges by Ambientsketchbook features 22 tracks on a double album (Vol. I & II) that veer between pure ambient, electronica and post-rock. And a touch of  late eighties : )
Hark is a quiet, sometimes experimental album that opens its doors to you when you let it flow and breath, especially the tracks Hark and The Luthier are mesmerizing in a precious serene way. Try it out.
Menagerie Of Clouds, music as the title tells. A collab between Christopher Alvarado and Ari Porki (Finland) that brings out a nice mixture of haunting spheres and rhythmic syntheziser sounds.
This one is deep mystic as the cover speaks. I dont want to tell to much about it, the new music by Ran Kirlian has to reveal itself. Beautiful, tranquil, immersive, spacey and deep.
Much joy, Jana

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Comment by Jaja on November 19, 2013 at 3:36pm

I am open for your inspirations about the handling of the member releases section. Im overwhelmed by the amount of new releases as our community is growing and crowing. I can go on, featuring member releases every two weeks (i know im a bit in delay that was only because of my album release). I tag every new member release, so it will appear in the release section in the top menue. So i can go on and write a bit about the music which means i can post max. 5-6 releases every two weeks. Or, i post more albums (maybe 10-12) and name artist, style and few keywords. What do you think?

Comment by John K-N on November 19, 2013 at 3:50pm

When Jaja mentions "tag every new member release so it will appear in teh release section in the top menu"... she's referring to here:

If you add the tag "release" to your post about your new album - it will AUTO-MAGICALLY appear in that link!

One way to help Jaja would be to tag those yourself whenever possible.

When you create your post... just below the space where you type everything is a tags section.  Type the word "release" there...  here's an example from Jaja's recent HERE album.  In the green circle - you can see all the tags Jaja used... one of them is "release".  When you are reading a post - and you see tags - you can click it to see a list of all posts with that tag.  Another example is the "poetry" tag!



Comment by Jaja on November 20, 2013 at 6:55pm

yeah that would be fine, everyone please tag your releases with release : )

thanks John!!!

Comment by Evgenij Kharitonov (EugeneKha) on November 24, 2013 at 6:53am

Great Review! Thanks!

Comment by Juta Takahashi on December 31, 2013 at 10:23pm

Thanks for your nice description of Transcendence, Jana! Much appreciated. I wish you a fruitful new year :)

Comment by Jaja on January 1, 2014 at 1:29pm

You are all welcome, all the best for you in 2014, too.

Comment by Cloudwalk on March 23, 2014 at 11:01am
I really miss the reviews you wrote, but I know it's impossible for anyone to review that many albums. I know you probably want to give a fair share to everyone, but you should consider putting out just a few reviews here abd there of releases that you happen to listen to. If it's only a handful a year that's still something great!
Comment by John K-N on March 23, 2014 at 12:13pm

Thank you, Jaja!  Do not feel like you have to continue updating the section... no obligation - if you enjoy it - do it - if you're out of time - don't! 

Comment by Jaja on March 23, 2014 at 3:54pm

Paul: thank you so much but as you expected i dont want to select only a few releases because i think all or nothing, thats just fair.

John: i love updating the member releases and will continue of course, just changed back to Joels system : )

Comment by John K-N on March 23, 2014 at 4:23pm

Perfectly fine! I'm glad you enjoy it! And honestly - I think it's kind of nice to remind people of what came out during a month... easy for people to miss the posts first time around.


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