Randy Brown's new studio space - before / after photos

I know Randy from twitter - and when I saw this I felt it needed to be shared.  Be sure to go to his website and take a look around!    Lots of great stuff!  http://randybrown.us/ 

My new studio


I finally have a practice and mixing studio!  Previously being hold up in a corner of a cluttered basement, it’s a great feeling. The room I moved into is adjacent to my old space and housed my woodworking shop and, over the years as I used the tools less and less, a storage area.  I used the tools for many years as I built different projects for the house and small furniture items – mostly given away to family.  But, for the past several years, I’ve not used the tools.  So I sold them to a young fellow in the neighborhood who is just getting started.  They are now in good hands.

After the tools were gone, I started cleaning up and patching the walls where the dust collection tubing was attached.


Next, my wife and I painted the room.  She has a real eye for great color combinations.

Newly painted studioNEWLY PAINTED STUDIO

Next on the list was to hang the acoustic treatment.  I did move my desk, iMac and monitors in so I could properly position the sidewall treatment.

Acoustic treatmentACOUSTIC TREATMENT

I used Auralex products for the acoustic treatment and am very happy with them.  The quality of the material is great and installation for a breeze.

I did alter the method of install a bit.  Auralex packaged several tubes of Tubetak with the panels and traps.  They suggested to smear the tacky goo on the backs and smooth into place.  I wanted a way to install them that didn’t destroy the newly painted walls.

So, I used card stock cut into 2″ by 2″ squares and velcro dots.   (My wife had the card stock laying around and was able to use her cutter to cut it to size.)

Card stock squares with TubeTakCARD STOCK SQUARES WITH TUBETAK

I smeared some TubeTak on the back of the square and smoothed into place – one square for each corner on the tiles.

Squares on four cornersSQUARES ON FOUR CORNERS

Then, I attached the velcro dots.  (I let the TubeTak cure for a couple hours before hanging the bass traps, but didn’t bother with the small 1′ by 1′ tiles.)

Square with velcro dotSQUARE WITH VELCRO DOT

I’ve had one bass trap come down, but that was due to poor placement on the wall.  I stuck it back up, making sure all of the velcro dots were touching the walls and so far so good.  (I used 6 velcro dots on each of the two wall-facing sides of the bass traps.)

So, here’s the finished studio.

Finished work areaFINISHED WORK AREA

Eigenharps enjoying new homeEIGENHARPS ENJOYING NEW HOME

Back of roomBACK OF ROOM

Clowny likes itCLOWNY LIKES IT

Wide viewWIDE VIEW

Command Central (as wife calls it)COMMAND CENTRAL (AS WIFE CALLS IT)


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Comment by Steve Roberts on July 15, 2012 at 8:35pm

Looking good. Isn't it wonderful to have a dedicated space !

Comment by Cloudwalk on July 18, 2012 at 11:19am

NICE! The thing that gets me is how clean it is! My space is filled with clutter, deterorating walls, and trip hazards!


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