My review on "The Edge Of A Fairytale" CD by Between Interval

Stefan Strand, the sole creator of Between Interval might be known better under the name Stefan Jönsson, which was credited on first 3 releases of Between Interval, but Stefan's legal surname was later changed to Strand. But in any case, this Swedish guy is undoubtedly one of the young guns in the genre and his 4th album "The Edge Of A Fairytale" confirms his big talent and potential that was evidently presented back in 2005, when Stefan has reached with phenomenal album "The Secret Observatory" sky high regions occupied by other highly acclaimed space architects. With his newest work from 2009, "The Edge Of A Fairytale", Stefan takes us closer to immense landscapes. First two tracks, "Delta Capricorni" and "The Great Void", are absolutely outstanding, mysteriously deep and massive ambiences of the highest caliber! This guy rules again!!! Some gently pulsing electronics invade "Minotaur's Lair". With "Pillars Of Creation" we are back in more monumental and futuristic soundwall with repeated sonic outbursts. Stefan Strand once again comes here with his own voice, an adventurous style safely hanging somewhere between ambient and dark ambient terrains. High-tech soundscapes on "Three Years Ago" are perfectly enriched with slowed-down IDM ingredients and heavenly choirs, what a beauty!!! "Atlantis Lost" with ghostly voices is another deeply mysterious escapade, just like strongly nature-influenced "Eden In Shadows", it's like a trip through cavern with many miraculous sceneries. Short "Purgatory" is quite frightening while the next piece, "Sea Of Darkness", has some ice cold mechanical feel. Over 11 minutes long "Leviathan" belongs to the most mysterious and evocative tracks on this album, deep droning subterranean ambience at its best!!! "Portals In Time" is another deeply immersive and grandiose composition with emerging various futuristic and choir-like sounds, a pure ethereal bliss at the end of this tremendously fascinating journey, yes, that's "The Edge Of A Fairytale"!!! Between Interval perfectly fits Spotted Peccary label roster and I can't wait to hear more from this Nordic Monster!!!

Richard Gürtler (Jul 24, 2011, Bratislava, Slovakia)

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