My review of "Distant Stars" CD by Rudy Adrian

After remarkable albums like "MoonWater" and "Desert Realms" my expectations for this, New Zealand based, composer were really high. Now I can say straightly, Rudy didn't disappoint me, he even surpassed all my best expectations. Shifting from the American Southwest gentle desert ambience on his last album, Rudy delivers here, as indicated by its title, absolutely magnificent deep space voyage!!! His compositions are very varied with many dramatic and subtle highs and lows, not just plain space washes. The opening 20-minute long epic "Distant Stars" is the best example with evolving and monumental waves, a pure bliss I must say!!! Just the same as following "Trajectory", as much tense, but more darker and drifting. Without some unwanted hiss on it, another masterpiece. With "Le Songe Du Singe" we get back to slightly lighter, more relaxing and floating journey reminiscent of early space music. By the way, this piece is an extended version of a soundtrack released on "Kinetic Flow - Sequencer Sketches Vol.1" album and it fits perfectly this album. But soon after we enter again deeper and unexplored spacefields with tracks "Voyage Through Darkness" and "Netherworlds". The final piece "Entering The Temple Of Haruka Kawagishi" again slightly relieves tight atmosphere with Rudy's trademarking space floaters reminding me the beautiful essence of "Desert Realms" title track from previous album, elegant, serene and rewarding. "Distant Stars" is a really exciting and absorbing intergalactic journey showcasing big talent and potential of this New Zealander. One of my all time fave space albums. Well done, Rudy!!!

Richard Gürtler (Dec 18, 2010, Bratislava, Slovakia)

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