My review of "Beyond The Portal" CD by Craig Padilla + Zero Ohms + Skip Murphy

Wow, with having this line-up in action you have to be prepared for grandiose intergalactic voyage, just like indicated by its title and cover picture (design by Jeff Kowal/Terra Ambient). And the opening "Perpective Of Disappearance" (first part of subtitle "Realm Of The Spirit") only proves these words as it immediately transports each listener into colossal cosmic spheres with its peacefully floating washes, few dramatic outbursts and generated choirs color the composition here and there, but the overall feel is of very smooth ethereal and romantic nature. The title composition of the first subtitle, "Realm Of The Spirit", returns to primordial grounds with Zero Ohms/Richard Roberts' suggestive flute work, stunningly melting the modern and the ancient, really gorgeous soundscaping at its most serene level!!! "Oceans Of The Heavens", the sole part of the second subtitle "Akasha", shifts the mood towards the celestial sound painting with circling and slowly evolving texture, getting at times more massive and dramatic and showcasing beautiful interplay of monumental skyscapes and moments of silence enriched at the very end by choir-like sounds. Absolutely breathtaking composition and truly imaginative and fascinating deep space journeying!!! "One Moment Beyond", the entry part of the last "Beyond The Portal" subtitle, drifts in much quieter and static celestial manner with naturally and warmly floating sound waves, nicely colored in its second part with Zero Ohms' flute magic. Strongly evocative piece of music!!! It freely crosses into "Active Side Of Infinity" that soon transports the listener into more breathing and ever-changing territory with strong cinematic, almost orchestral-like feel, what a gracious beauty!!! The closing title composition "Beyond The Portal" is more energizing with mid-paced structure, and even if more earthy sounding, it provides highlighting finale for this impressive and crafted deep space exploration!!! "Beyond The Portal" is outstanding in every aspect, filled with emotional depth and elegant sound sculpting, a really graceful and sophisticated work by three respected fellow travelers!!!

Richard Gürtler (Sep 25, 2011, Bratislava, Slovakia)

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Comment by Richard Gürtler on September 25, 2011 at 6:56am
Hi Richard, since you are active member of our rM community, I would like to express my big thanks to you, Craig and Skip for this masterwork!!! It was my great pleasure to write above lines about "Beyond The Portal" and I definitely stay tuned for more music from you. All the best!!!


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