My review of "A Dimension Reflected" CD by Time Being

Time Being is a co-work project of US based Phillip Wilkerson, who is known for his extended discography, mostly featuring download only releases on various netlabels, and his country-mate Jourdan Laik, who has released few albums as Paradisaic and Daevine (this one as collaborative project with Michael Allison of Darshan Ambient). I think Jourdan is rather known for his work as a crafted photographer and graphic designer, but now it's time to change this. Time Being, centered around tranquil and peaceful ambient voyages, begins with "Everending", a nicely floating piece that sets the atmosphere for the whole album. Desert ambience at its best!!! Immense and dreamy "Dust Of Sorts" is another pure beauty! Deeper and darker droning parts on "Future Forming" are here and there smoothly balanced with some lighter sounds, definitely one of my fave pieces on this album! "In The Care Of Knowing" is just the opposite with its lively texture, enriched by location recordings (cicadas for example), warm and relaxing. Follows "Present Bending" with few dramatic elements and slowly circulating tension. The next one, "Static Flow", exactly corresponds with its title, deeply evocative and immersive, later colored with bells, noises and otherwordly sounds. Another big one and ear-catching addition to the overall concept of the album. "As You Pass This Way" quickly finds its way to dreamy ethereal mood, all tension is relieved. A very relaxing listening that overlaps also into the closing title composition, "Time Being", this is a stunning celestial journey! "A Dimension Reflected" is a very potential and promising collaboration between experienced sculptor and young talent. Keep on going, Phillip and Jourdan!!! I can't recommend enough this CD to all those who are devoted to heavenly ambient realms!!!

Richard Gürtler (Jun 12, 2011, Bratislava, Slovakia)

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