My review of "MoonWater" CD by Rudy Adrian

New Zealander Rudy Adrian, the master of deeply tranquil, heartwarming soundscapes, has released "MoonWater" as his 10th album (including his co-works with Nick Prosser and Ron Boots) and debut release for US label Lotuspike back in 2006. The opening title piece, "MoonWater", unfolds with enormously relaxing natural sounds (cicadas, ocean waves...) and synth washes masterly enhanced by fragilely tinkling bells. Intensely evocative nocturnal journey just begun!!! Follows first part of "MidnightFantasyAngel", leaded by a warmly inviting intimate piano, with highly visualizing drones, which are again nicely enriched by shimmeringly swirling bells. Magnificently nostalgic masterpiece and the first highlight proving the bravura of its sculptor!!! "Summer Fields" with serenely spreading washes are as much soothing as your wanderings through these brightly beautiful and relaxing places. Second part of "MidnightFantasyAngel", the longest composition clocking over 12 and half minutes, moves into deeper, slightly more colossal drone terrains revealing all kinds of fascinating images. Rainy sounds and expressive flute, bell and shaker magics guide "Ancestral Legacy" into mysteriously grandiose primordial realms. "The Legend Of Kristy Lynn" keeps on wonderfully evocative route with deeply droning walls nicely interacting and harmonizing with flickering passages. A composition presenting Rudy Adrian at the very top of his craft!!! The next composition, "Under Orion", is sculpted with celestial washes and crystalline field recordings of ocean waves, another highly immersing tranquilizer!!! "Three Views Of A Japanese Garden, Part 2" is a live version, which has a quite close connection to "MidnightFantasyAngel" composition. Nocturnal drones navigate it into absolutely magnificent domains, which are highlighted by Rudy's wordless vocals, it's like exploring another new instrument skillfully matching the overall context. The use of vocals is quite rare in this genre, but Rudy's vocal performance left me immediately breathless. This is a stunningly thrilling and magical listening experience, bravissimo, Rudy!!! More please!!! Part three of "Three Views Of A Japanese Garden", again a live version, closes this amazingly dreamy journey with all the grace and tranquility. Aural peacefulness of "MoonWater" is precisely portrayed by splendid cover images created by Jeff Kowal/Terra Ambient. With "MoonWater" Rudy Adrian has definitely entered into my Ambient Hall Of Fame!!!

Richard Gürtler (May 26, 2012, Bratislava, Slovakia)

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