My review of "Autumn Continent" CD by Between Interval

Yes, young Swedish composer, Stefan Strand, is back in my review section with his 3rd full length album. Even if released back in the summer of 2006 on Spotted Peccary, I think it would be a pity not to feature it on these pages. Between Interval really deserves it with each album and "Autumn Continent" is no exception. Stefan recorded this album under his previous surname, Jönsson, but no matter if Jönsson or Strand, the result is always absolutely sensational!!! Top-notch opener "Autumn Continent 1" explores truly ethereal graciousness of autumn nature capturing the most unique and beautiful sceneries with fabulous colors, an ambient serenity at its best!!! "Submerged", as indicated by its title, is deeply subterranean journey with attractively fitting fragile, but cavernous sounds of bells and gongs with otherworldly spiced atmozones, another big one! "Hidden Wastelands" are painted with deeper drones, slowly climbing into more massive and dramatic peaks, this is serious foggy soundscaping for all connoisseurs of deep ambience!!! Semi-pulsing patterns enrich daylighting "The Tides Of Time", but slowed-down "Expanding Area" returns quickly into vast territories of Scandinavian landscapes with spiraling and colossal drifts. "Passageway" keeps on the droning route, but is colored by distant rumblings and deep resonations in the first half, while later crystalline clicks emerge to enlight this abyssal ambience. "Early Life Remainings" unveils into lighter mood with heartbeating high-tech grooves, the most rhythmed piece on this trip even if later slipping into drifting and evoking passage again. Monstrous and dramatic drones with hissy effects on "This Dominion" create deeply absorbing and spectacular sonic experience, but the next composition, "Atrium", gets even deeper with cascading heavy weight rumbling drones. Slightly lighter, but culminating and cinematic celestials of "Autumn Continent 2" graciously close this truly enterprising and stunning autumn voyage offering breathtaking sonic vistas of scenic Northern territories. "Autumn Continent" is another highly distinctive and sophisticated performance by this huge Swedish talent, a true masterwork!!!

Richard Gürtler (Oct 16, 2011, Bratislava, Slovakia)

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