MOTD: Kelly David + sleepMODE, Bob Ohrum, Saul Stokes, James Johnson

Our member of the day is Kelly David! Read all about him and visit his website to listen to his music! Please make a comment to him and let him know you saw the feature!


Over on the right of the front page is the Relaxed Machinery "sleepMODE" compilation album featuring 12 wonderful, amazing artists... plus... me! Purchasing the album directly supports our community. I pay for it yearly - and I don't accept donations from anyone except for through the sale of the rM compilations... and with this purchase - you get 2+ hours of brilliant music. Please check it out - available in mp3 via cd baby, flac via, and cdr via Hypnos - links are right there.


Fantastic thread on "Obtrusive choices" - or when too many choices gets in the way of creativity kicked off by The Next Commuter - join in!


Who's Bob Ohrum? He writes with his heart. Unabashed, raw, heartfelt, emotion - his heart shows through on every track. I'm so proud he releases music on the rM label! Why am I mentioning him when he's not the MOTD? Because he said in chat this morning - "oh man - I was hoping I'd come up in the random member selection"... ha! Yes - I'm picking on him - and yes - I'm serious about what I say about his music. It's awesome.


Saul Stokes is repairing his home built analog modular travel synthesizer - and will be documenting the progress in a blog here! If you've never seen Saul's synths - wow - they are works of art!


James Johnson's total studio build from the bare studs to finished studio is being documented by him in blog posts throughout - here's the latest!


Tomorrow's Man posted a track:


Mystified / Thomas Park has a new one out on Audiocast Prod - Shards of Bone - posted by Adam Connell:


I posted about the coolest robot sculptures I've seen in a long time from Bennett Robot Works:


Crystal Dreams / Joel posted his latest Improv Friday track:


Darrell Burgan - our good friend on hiatus from running and has rereleased his Elysium Planitia album - download it for free now:


Steve Brand updated his Treehouse Blog:


Thanks, everyone!








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Comment by John K-N on June 1, 2011 at 8:50am

Whoops!   It's Kelly David - not David Kelly!  


My sincere apologies to Kelly!    


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