Michael Brückner ENDLESS MIND PORTAL (2011) at BandCamp

I just want to let You know that my last larger project Endless Mind Portal, first released as a free download on the forum of the EM Portal in August 2011 (as some of You might remember...) now is available from my BandCamp page, in the usual variety of audio formats, including CD quality FLAC files. Larger project means about three and a half hours of music, by the way...

If You're interested, there's a friendly and generous review of this project by Bert Strolenberg on his excellent review page Sonic Immersion:

To get to the review please click here :-)

And here are some excerpts of my own liner notes:

ENDLESS MIND PORTAL is my pranam to the old and ancient masters of the ‚Berlin School‘ of electronic music, who‘s astonishing music is an neverending well of enjoyment and inspiration to me, and is therefore, with all respect, dedicated to them.

This project was triggered by meeting some excellent musicians (and their music) in the internet forum of the EM Portal (...) especially to Stephen Parsick and Bert ‚Phrozenlight‘ Hülshoff.

The conceptual idea (which is not exactly new, especially in the field of electronic music) was inspired by some of my favorite authors:
James Graham Ballard, Olaf Stapeldon, H. P. Lovecraft and Wiliam Hope Hodgson.

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Tags: Ambient, Berlin, Brückner, Electronica, Space, Tea-Party, release


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