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At some point I figure someone out there has wondered about me using the word "kinetoscope". I don't remember where I ran across the name, but when I wrote a series of tracks that were very minimal techno - "drums n feedback"... kinetoscope one, kinetoscope two, kinetoscope three... just 'fit'.  I wrote these back in 2002 or maybe 2003. And had planned on releasing an album under the title kinetoscope. I don't have the title track on my soundcloud - but I do have another track from that time frame and also totally recorded live in one take - and is only drums and feedback (there are no synths).


  friction two by John Koch-Northrup

I've never released the album, but have shared the unfinished version with friends - as in 2004 I began my 7 year hiatus from  music.

So a kinetoscope is an early motion picture device - pre-1900. The photo is from this wikipedia page:

I'm fascinated by music and film and photography and the word kinetoscope resonates with me.  I'd decided to name my studio kinetoscope as well... and added the "five" because I wanted to distinguish my studio from the original. This series of blogs is essentially me talking about music, from my studio.

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Comment by Joel Sutton on July 22, 2012 at 11:48pm

Love it! :)

Comment by John K-N on July 23, 2012 at 1:47pm

Actually - it was mastered just this year by a friend - so I may do a minimal release for it.  Maybe. It's a sound that is nearly a decade old for me now, though...  so more of a peek into the history books than a what I am now sort of release.  Not that that's a bad thing necessarily.  :-)


Finding the mastered disc now that I've moved... now *that* could be a problem!


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