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kinetoscope five :: 007 :: raising the water level

We have a very strong core principle at the Relaxed Machinery label ("rM") - that every mention of one of our artists or albums raises the water for all of us.  All of our boats float a little higher - are more noticeable.  That's pretty much the whole concept of rM... "we self release... together".  If we self released by ourselves... there are no other boats around us (well, maybe a couple) - but joining together as a label. Now there's a better chance that we all get more exposure. Each airplay, each review, each podcast, each status message saying someone is "now playing" one of our albums... that's a win for everyone on the label. 

Of course, that means that we have to have many great artists and many great albums - or people lose trust in us.  We try hard to win your trust and to keep it. 

So, I was just thinking how that whole idea actually applies to this whole community (which I tend to abbreviate as "rM.ning" to keep the label and the community straight). We as a community post our new releases, our new tracks, blogs about what we're working on, or thoughts on playing live, or questions about gear or philosophy. The more people posting, the more interesting and interactive the site is... the more readers start stopping by (whether they join or not)- and the more exposure everyone gets. 

We're raising the water level for the entire rM.ning community. The more interesting this place is - the more likely new listeners, readers, photo lovers, etc... are going to come around and keep coming back. All of our boats rise in visibility.

I figure most people join here are:

a) creative in one or many fields
b) deeply loves the music, photography, poetry, or art posted here
c) has something they want people to see, download, or buy
d) enjoys talking with people with similar likes
e) all of the above

Post a blog! Whether it's super short, or super long... or in many parts... post.  No one's judging you on your english or grammar... it's your ideas that matter.


image:  lily pads and koi in my ex-neighbors pond -


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Comment by John K-N on July 2, 2012 at 1:22pm

Credit where it's due...  the "raising the water / boats" concept has been pushed since day 1 (summer 2009) by Steve Brand.  I totally believe in it.




p.s.  I think we "self release... together" was a bit of a longer statement in 2009, eventually distilling down to just those words - but, that concept was mine.  ;-)




Comment by Steve Brand on July 2, 2012 at 4:36pm

It's always interesting trying to explain the concept of the rM label to people. They generally have a hard time getting their mind around a model that isn't a money-making venture, not to mention one that facilities cooperation instead of competition. I usually get a couple of responses: 1.) "That is so cool and perfect with things are going these days"; 2.) "Uh, huh...that's is that working?"

Doesn't really bother me. I get it. Some portion of the world operates on the paradigm of scarcity and competition, but that will change in time.

Comment by Robert Scott Thompson on July 2, 2012 at 5:03pm

Steve, I agree with this.  Well put!

Comment by Jon Johnson on July 2, 2012 at 5:32pm

Raises hand ;-)

Comment by Chris Russell on July 2, 2012 at 6:35pm

This is why rM ROCKS!! :)

Now let's raise them boats!

Comment by Robert Scott Thompson on July 2, 2012 at 9:40pm

We need more members - promote, promote, promote!

It is free and the same time!

Comment by John K-N on July 3, 2012 at 6:33am

I get the same questions as Steve does on the label...  when I was first pitching the idea of a label that takes no money, but is still a commercial label - as opposed to a totally free netlabel...  I really got looked at funny in 2009.  :-)


For awhile we kind of got looked at goofy by both the labels and the netlabels... we are striking a balance somewhere in between.



Comment by John K-N on July 3, 2012 at 6:37am

Oh - Robert mentioned "it is free and great" - yes it is!  For all members it is free.


However, there is a silent benefactor who wishes to remain nameless.  I financed the first year - and I think we split the second year - and now this person is fully paying for the Ning fees to run this great site.  I would sing this person's praises if they would let me ... but ... they don't.


It is currently $240.00 per year to have the community.


When I get back on my feet and finances squared away after the home sale and new house construction and moving costs... (it was over $6,000.00 for the moving van!  eek).  I'll hopefully get back to splitting or outright paying.


Note - I'm not looking for donations or fund raising.


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