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I'm really excited to mention a few new artists planning releases on Relaxed Machinery. Some you may know, some you may not.  I'm betting you know all of these guys, though.  :-)

+ Broken Harbour (Blake Gibson)
+ James Johnson
+ Andrew Lahiff
+ Robert Scott Thompson

When you add these four to our currently releasing roster of:

+ åpne sinn (Geoff Small)
+ Steve Brand
+ Peter James
+ Chris Russell
+ Zero Ohms (Richard Roberts)
+ and me!

...and the wonderful artists who've released in the past (and may yet again in the future) - WOW!  How lucky am I to work with these people?  Seriously, we've had top notch talent on Relaxed Machinery so far and so much great music in various stages for future release.

+ Broken Harbour (Blake Gibson)

John Shanahan wrote about Blake in 2011:  "Mix an unnatural obsession with 2001: A Space Odyssey and a need to communicate without resorting to words and you find yourself in the aural spaces created by Broken Harbour. Canadian musician Blake Gibson takes his sounds from sources as diverse as worn-out cassette tapes, scratchy CDs, vast synthesizer constructs and mellotrons, then filters them through influences ranging from Debussy and Holst to vidnaObmana and Stars of the Lid. The outcome is a new sound unfettered by convention or expectation, interested only in the purity of expression. "It's not really a choice or a decision to create," Gibson says. "The music has to come through. You just have to be listening."

Here's a review of "Gramaphone Transmissions" by Richard Gurtler:

+ James Johnson

Click on the "audio" link on his site and right-click to save the mp3's of each album listed to your hard drive.  It's very much worth your time!  While you're there, click "visual" for his amazing photography.  James is an old friend of mine. I'm proud to be able to say this.

James plans for Relaxed Machinery to be his new 'home' for releasing his albums. 

James is also the driving force behind Circling Crane, which I am very happy to say I am a part of.  Here's our "about":

About Circling Crane

Circling Crane specializes in world class, vividly composed, sonic environments, background ambience & thematics. Our royalty free, extended length materials, feature high definition field recordings, electro-acoustic soundscapes, found sound collage & analog modular processing. From contact mics, boundary arrays & hydrophones, to vintage sampler processing, boutique pre-amps & analog tape, no recording process is considered taboo. Circling Crane provides highly original eclectic products for film, video, gaming, post production & sound design.

And James' credits are extensive:


Sonic Foundry • Madison Media Software • Sony Creative Software • NPR • The CW Network • Fox Searchlight Pictures • Nike • Chanel • Australian Broadcasting Corporation • Sample Magic • Sounds to Sample • Pigorsh Media Design Inc. • ESPN Network • NBC Network • American Public Media • Lions Gate Entertainment • • AAS – Applied Acoustics Systems • Chiller TV

+ Andrew Lahiff

Another artists I am so thrilled to be working with! Andrew has some of the best ambient albums out there... in fact - you can download four of them free from his website and hear for yourself!  Andrew is prolific, and never wavers on creativity, attention to detail, depth, and extremely high quality releases.

+ Robert Scott Thompson

I sound like a broken record...  another artist I am so *thrilled* to be working with! 

Here's a bit of his bio from 

The term musical alchemist best describes modern music composer Robert Scott Thompson. Combining his mastery of the electroacoustic, contemporary instrumental, and avant-garde genres into a swirling cohesive whole, he is an important pioneer on music's new frontier. Hailed as one of the most important composers working in electroacoustic, acousmatic and classical ambient music today, he has produced and published seminal work since 1976.

Influences as diverse as Chopin and Satie, Stockhausen, Varèse and Cage, and Bowie and Eno can be heard in Robert's music. Robert's first love is the electronic music synthesizer, but he is also an expressive vocalist, instrumentalist, video artist, computer musician, sound designer and film composer.
Thompson is a composer of both instrumental and electroacoustic music and is currently Professor of Music Composition at Georgia State University in Atlanta. He earned the B.Mus. degree from the University of Oregon and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of California at San Diego (UCSD). His primary teachers include Bernard Rands, Roger Reynolds, Joji Yuasa, and F. Richard Moore.


Ok - I'll quit gushing... but really, can you blame me???!!!


image:  taken by me on the Murray-Baker Bridge in Peoria, IL:

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