It's been a while - some further (minor) releases...

Well - if there's ONE thing I'm guilty of, then it's visiting this fine netwark far too irregularily... :-(

As a consqeuence, I now have to annouce a whole bunch of (relatively) new releases all at once:

My album number 96, featuring a mix of dark ambient and experimental dance (or something vaguely in that vein...), entitled The Days Of Johnnie Zilch, and, by the way, originally released on the experimantal, LastFM based label "Zilch Records":

The Days of Johnnie Zilch - free mp3s from Zilch Records

The Days of Johnnie Zilch - HQ at BandCamp

Next, there's my album No. 97: R is for "Rocket" and S is for "Space", featuring sequence based ("classical") electronica in the first place...

Then we have the re-release of more "Sequenz und Konsequenz" - material in the shape of my album number 98, Squealing with Glee (Sequenz und Konsequenz II, VI and VII), which is (partially) quite experimental...

(More or less...) finally there is another album (number 99), full to the brim with live improvisations, entitled My Setup is Upset - it also contains my complete performance on 2012's RaumZeit Festival in Dortmund, Germany...

Well, nice material all (or at least I hope so...), however that's all just an prelude to the real meat - see my next blog post ;-)

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