Absence of Matter by William Spivey & Aos Crowley

Absence of Matter is a new album by multimedia artists William Spivey and Aos Crowley.  Reaching into the sonic future, the duo have crafted a suite of five sonic adventures that explore realms inspired by distant planets and exotic creatures. Their first outing together lands on an unknown planet that is ornate with forms that spiral and flow, like an organic fluid that is curious and lovely.
The Sound for Good record label has partnered with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) to protect whales and dolphins by offering the new release, " Absence of Matter," by William Spivey and Aos Crowley. Please read the literature in the download. Optionally,  a donation in any amount given to the WDCS project would be greatly appreciated in helping us make a difference in the world with music.

Download the album now at http://sound4good.bandcamp.com/album/absence-of-matter

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