Yesterday I released my first EP, to be found at my bandcamp-page. I'm still a learning musician (well, I suppose a musician always is learning) and consider myself as an amateur. So asking money for my product didn't feel right. I thought about asking a very small amount, like 1€, but felt it should be free. Although I'm proud of it, I'm well aware it's far from professional. It's a musical experiment, but even more, a small marketing experiment : how many people would I reach, which tactics can I use, work well, suck...

I chose, like many people, the pay-what-you-want method. Money is not the aim with this one, but you never know someone would like to support, and every euro counts. The results so far are very interesting. The download numbers are very low, so probably statistically irrelevant, but 25% of the downloaders actually payed for the download ! At least 5€ !

Conclusions :

* I already made more money out of this than I would have if I asked 1€. The people that bought the album would've done so anyway, but maybe they would've payed less than what they now did. And the people that downloaded it for free probably wouldn't have payed for it, even not 1€.

* Since every downloader has to fill out his/her email-adress, I start building an email-list. That list now is a good deal longer than it would've been if the music wasn't free.

* I included a whole bunch of things in the album download (two videos, two teasers, some artwork, and a previously released exclusive track). Although people in the first place download music because they like it, this probably - in my opinion - makes the download a bit more 'exclusive' or special, and so more likely to pay for.

I know, it's all very small scale, and probably not representative for artists reaching a broader audience, or living from their music and so on. I thought it might be interesting to share nonetheless. It has been a very actual topic last year, I'm curious what you guys have to say about it.

As a bouncer, and off-topic, one of the videos I made :-)


Have a nice day ! !

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Comment by John K-N on January 17, 2012 at 4:27pm
Really great post about your experiences. I think Mr. Bitterness had similar response of about 25% paid but paid more than expected. It's worth researching and thinking about for artists.

I think you deserve the golden cog award! I'll have to track down the picture. :-)
Comment by The Next Commuter on January 18, 2012 at 3:43am

Really??? That'd be awesome :-)

The figures even went up to roughly 35% paid downloads :-)


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