This is it... 

If there's anything you want to save - you'd better do it TODAY.  Cancelling Tuesday Morning my time (eastern US)


Wow.  I want to say THANK YOU to the many people here that post frequently.  I know some of you come and go - post for awhile, get busy for while, come back again.   It's awesome that you keep coming back.


Thank you to Greg M / eyes cast down for doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff, helping admin, helping fuel ideas, and build the community.


Thank you to James Johnson not only for the wonderful Studio Build blog - and his earlier earlier large format photos and architectural drawings - but for helping admin and watch out for spammers.


Thank you to Bob Ohrum for helping admin and watch for those pesky spammers.


Thank you to Steve Brand and Geoff / åpne sinn - for being there at the very beginning and helping to create the initial vision. 


Thank you to Richard Gurtler for posting so many reviews - with artwork - it truly shows his love of music - and I'm very happy he's posting them here.


Thank you to Saul Stokes for posting the wonderful series of blogs about fixing his home built analog synth.


Thank you to Steve Roach - for joining the community - for letting us do a big celebration of his birthday - and for spreading the word about the community and encouraging some of his friends to join.   I say this sincerely ... our number of members really jumped after Steve Roach and James Johnson joined!


Thank you to Darrell Burgan - who was the first person to agree to make rM a community for his sites - opening up rM from "just a label site for the label I own" to a true community open to anyone - and helped expand us out to many new people over the approx. 18 months we've been open.


There are many more people I need to thank...  if I forgot you - it's not personal - it's just that I'm over 40 and getting forgetful!  ;-)




p.s.   I truly miss Doug / Lily Pond Orchestra in morning 'coffee talk' chats.   He was a dynamo in the comminuty for a short few months before he passed on.    We also lost Lucette Bourdin - who while she'd never gotten around to joining the site - we pretty much all knew her - and loved her music. 



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Comment by Richard Gürtler on July 15, 2011 at 9:56am
My big thanks and all the best to all involved for making this place so great, it's my big pleasure to be a part of rM community!!!
Comment by Phobos on July 15, 2011 at 12:56pm
400 members an outstanding milestone for Relaxed Machinery, very well done to all concerned.


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