kinetoscope five :: 005 :: brief thoughts on brilliant albums - one

There are albums I find just utterly and completely brilliant. Here's five.

Saul Stokes - Zo Pilots

Why do I keep coming back to this album? It moves me in a way I find hard to describe. It's long, long been a favorite of mine. This is back when Saul was essentially recording his music live with his massive home made modular equipment - no multi-tracking. There's a liveness to this... it's so "organic"... it lives and breathes and moves. His special controller that looks a bit like a flute plays a prominent role on this album - and I think that is something special about it too.  Outfolding is nearly as good to me... it's almost like part 2 of Zo Pilots.  Saul is still brilliant, but, of course, he's changed and evolved and the sound is different. I can easily recommend any of his albums, but this one has stuck with me for some reason - maybe because it's the first one I heard of his. Released on Hypnos

Vidna Obmana (Dirk Serries) - Surreal Sanctuary

The first half of Surreal Sanctuary is jaw dropping, emotionally charged, moving music. In fact - I'm not the only one that thinks this... Lamentation was used in a broadcast commemerating 9/11 on Belgian radio. I forget the whole story - but if I had to pick a track that feels like loss and fit such a horrible event with such touching music... that track would be it.  I've listened to those first 4 or 5 tracks so many times.  Now, I love the 2nd half of the album - but for sheer utter and complete perfection... that first half.  Wow.   Also released on Hypnos.

Max Corbacho - Ars Lucis

Ars Lucis is one of those albums that I listen to all the way through and just hit repeat and listen again.  I hear so much depth and heartfelt writing in these. Max is frankly, someone who should be getting more attention than he currently does. Breathstream is another album that is similar to Ars Lucis and if you're planning to get one, just get both... :-)   Released on ad21music.

Ishq - Orchid

I could point to any of Ishq's albums - or Elve which is another artist name used by Matt Hillier and his wife. Orchid is the first one I heard and the one that pulled me in and never let me go. Whether it's gentle flowing beats and ambient soundscapes... or if the beats are stripped away.  Ishq is perfection.  Most of the albums are released on Matt's own Virtual World label - Orchid was released on Interchill.

H.U.V.A. Network - Ephemeris

Humorously I wanted to start out with "I could point to any of Ultimae's albums" and then realized it's exactly what I wrote for Ishq... However, it's true!  Ultimae is the ultimate in ambient trance soundscape with flowing beats label. I seem to be listening to H.U.V.A. Network - Ephemeris the most.  But I play Carbon Based Lifeforms, and Aes Dana, and Solar Fields so often... wow.  Wonderful, wonderful label!  

I purposely did not mention any albums released on my label, Relaxed Machinery.  Trust me, I listen to those a ton!


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