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Shelby is always asking for pats

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rM gets me through the working day

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Vampire Cooper

"I vaaaannntttt to suck your blooooooooooddd!!!" says Cooper

This one was taken by Cooper's mum.

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Talking to Cooper via Facetime

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Still Stream Features for October 2014

Album of the month - Quiet Friends

This brand new release from the Free Floating label is a compilation of astounding works by some of today's top ambient artists who have paid tribute to Structures from Silence, a profound landmark in the history of ambient music. Although each track on the album is a tribute to Steve Roach’s seminal release, the artists all bring their own unique sonic voice and vision of how the music from Structures has inspired them. If you haven't heard this…


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Still Stream Featured Album, Artist, and Label for September 2014

Label of the month - Earthmantra

Earth Mantra is a privately owned and operated ambient music netlabel that exists for the sole purpose of sharing the music of ambient artists that are of interest to fans of ambient music. Unlike a typical label, all of the music on Earth Mantra is available freely for non-commercial use. The label is dedicated to publishing high quality ambient music from some of the best musicians around, carefully selecting those titles that meet…


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Ambient Simulcasts

Over the last year I've been quietly observing the developing trend of what I call the ambient simulcast. It initially started off with one of the still stream DJs broadcasting on LiveStream at the same time as broadcasting on the mp3 stream. That's now expanded to two DJs and now we have another DJ simulcasting on Second Life.

I think this is fantastic! What a great way of expanding the audience while introducing a more visual element to the show. There's also different chat methods… Continue

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Using Spotify to support your fave ambient artists

Spotify needs no introduction. I subscribe to the service and I use it a lot. Saves me from taking my iTunes library to work. So you can imagine my surprise when I found artists like Phillip Wilkerson already on there. I don't even have to open a bandcamp tab in Chrome.

But the best part is ... me playing these tracks on spotify helps support the artist :)

Added by Joel Sutton on September 3, 2014 at 8:04am — 2 Comments

Still Stream Features for July 2014

Album of the month - Excursion Three

This newest work by Altus is stunning and an absolute must for any fan of ambient music.

The album comprises 3 tracks, the shortest of which is the 10 minute opener, Journeys End. What a great opening to an album with its rhythmic element, reminiscent in its own way, of 80's Tangerine dream tracks,…


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Old ambient vs new ambient

I've had a few conversations online with people today about the kind of music Wally plays on Still Stream. Plus a couple of you commented on older music in my last blog. There seem to be many different ideas.

What would you consider mandatory ambient music listening regardless of age? Especially within this community space?

Added by Joel Sutton on June 10, 2014 at 8:01am — 1 Comment

Slow but sure progress at Still Stream

I suppose it's starting to be well known know that I'm one of the driving forces behind these days. Especially when it comes to the technical side. Although it often a doesn't appear that there's much going on from the outside I find that the time that I dedicate to this kind of work is always full.

The most important thing that's happened lately is the very welcome return of Mike Metlay. Be sure to check out his regular show.

Scott Lawlor has agreed to… Continue

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Live Stream Improvisation 20140515 by Crystal Dreams

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Friends Cats 25-Mar-2014

"You can't sit here any more" says Gypsy

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What does the colour blue taste like?

This week all of my musical time has been taken up by work on my first drone album called "Tea Drones #1". I chose this name because I composed most of the album during tea breaks at work. All on NanoStudio and exported (as wav files) into Ableton for further processing.

I've just finished…


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Wiggly gets tummy rubs

Last time I was babysitting for friends of mine I managed to get Wiggly to lay still long enough to actually take a picture…


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Busy and Sickly Bee

I haven't been around much here lately. Sorry if you've missed me. Various things have been going on.

One of the most important is my "discovery" of Spotify. Well obviously I knew about it but I've finally gotten around to trying it and I have to say that I'm pretty impressed. The technology seems to work really well on both my Mac and my iBone. It's great to see so many ambient artists there too :)

I've managed to find a new age album which I thought I'd never ever find. I…


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Gregor Schwellenbach: Songs in the Key of Kompakt

Gregor Schwellenbach top.jpg

Photo by Jan Höhe

At twenty years young, Kompakt is the powerhouse of German electronic music that still functions as a homegrown co-op: its focus remains a self-contained community of producers, artists, DJs, labels and events with a sound that is as…


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Sonic Touch 24 - Thor for iPad and the CME Xkey controller (poly aftertouch)

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Sonic State Review - Korg Volca Beats

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