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On this Wednesday night's edition of Nightscaping Radio on Stillstream: I'll be featuring tracks from the album "Inside The Hollow Realm" by Numina and Caul, celebrating its 10th anniversary of its release in 2014. Also, new to the show - music by Frore, Stillstream's Featured Artist of The Month for April; new dark tracks by Cousin Silas, music by Disturbed Earth, and stuff by That Bald Guy™...err...Har. Starts at 7:00PM

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Friends Cats 25-Mar-2014

"You can't sit here any more" says Gypsy

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What does the colour blue taste like?

This week all of my musical time has been taken up by work on my first drone album called "Tea Drones #1". I chose this name because I composed most of the album during tea breaks at work. All on NanoStudio and exported (as wav files) into Ableton for further processing.

I've just finished…


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Wiggly gets tummy rubs

Last time I was babysitting for friends of mine I managed to get Wiggly to lay still long enough to actually take a picture…


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Busy and Sickly Bee

I haven't been around much here lately. Sorry if you've missed me. Various things have been going on.

One of the most important is my "discovery" of Spotify. Well obviously I knew about it but I've finally gotten around to trying it and I have to say that I'm pretty impressed. The technology seems to work really well on both my Mac and my iBone. It's great to see so many ambient artists there too :)

I've managed to find a new age album which I thought I'd never ever find. I…


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Gregor Schwellenbach: Songs in the Key of Kompakt

Gregor Schwellenbach top.jpg

Photo by Jan Höhe

At twenty years young, Kompakt is the powerhouse of German electronic music that still functions as a homegrown co-op: its focus remains a self-contained community of producers, artists, DJs, labels and events with a sound that is as…


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Sonic Touch 24 - Thor for iPad and the CME Xkey controller (poly aftertouch)

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Sonic State Review - Korg Volca Beats

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Too much tea spoils ... nothing at all :D

After what feels like an eternity of waiting I've finally purchased my update for Ableton Live 9. I'm just downloading it right now. Looking forward to checking out all the new features and having a play with Max for Live (which now comes included with Ableton Suite). I'm sure I'm going to have lots of fun.

Tonight's listening is Undiscovered Shores by Kuutana which has recently been submitted to Still Stream. I'm quite enjoying it. It reminds me a little of some of Palancar's…


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Slippery When Wet

Another day gone. I actually did find time to do a little music making in NanoStudio today. Fiddling around about some 909 beats and a chord progression :)

I also watched an interesting review of the new Korg Vola Beats. A very affordable little drum machine from Korg:

We should be seeing reviews about its bass and poly synth siblings very soon. I think I'm going to have…


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Spring has Sprung in AU

Yeah I know it's been a while. There have been a few distractions lately.

A new month brings new features for Still Stream. This month we're featuring Sojourner by Phillip Wilkerson, the artist Juta Takahashi, and the net label Impulsive Habitat. I've just updated the monthly play lists too so listen out for a fresh pick from the existing repository as well as the featured tracks.

There hasn't been as much ambient this week in my listening time. In fact the only time I've had…


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Exporting from NanoStudio into Ableton

Am on to the next phase of my tea break drones project now. I've rendered the individual tracks in NanoStudio and have imported them into Ableton where I'm more comfortable doing the mix down process. Plus I can add Ableton effects. I like Ableton's Reverb a lot more than Nano's…


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Wiggly gets tummy rubs

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Two Cokes DO Make A Right

Wow! I'm tired today. Another evening shift here on the help desk. Extra quiet tonight.

I'm listening to Between Empires by AeTopus which has been submitted to the Still Stream repository. I'm actually really enjoying the album but I'm not sure that it's all going to end up into Wally's playlist. It's a little more fast paced than what I usually like wally to play. But let's see what the rest of the Still Stream team think first.…


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Rincewind, Talking Trees, Python, and Pony Mermaids

Back on to evening shifts now.

Tonight I'm listing to Phillip Wilkerson's new compilation release "Early Works". I'm a big fan of Phil's work so I can't possibly be objective when commenting :D

I'm also listening to an interesting talk about Parkinsons Disease which a twitter friend gave on one of our local radio stations in Canberra…


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The frog and the bear are temporarily out of service

Back to blogging soon. Until then Rascal here will happily accept any tummy rubs you may have on offer…


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Morning Tea Drones

If you've seen any of my status updates here on rM you'll probably have noticed that I've using NanoStudio during my tea breaks at work. It's a great little app which runs on most iPhones and iPads. A nice capable little sequencer with a virtual synth, drum machine, and a few basic…


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A kind of normal week

This week I'm back to a normal 9-5 shift so there's a bit less time at work to blog and listen to music etc. Plus my house sitting is over. So no more daily playing with my friends puppies Rascal (pictured) and Wiggley. I still have a few pics to post though. Pics seem to be best posted as…


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Tea for One

Yay for another day of processing help desk emails! Although I'm back on the day shift now so I can't get away with wearing my headphones. I can, at least, listen to music through my phone headset. Although the quality is crap, it's better than nothing.

The latest for the highly prolific Mr Frozenlight come in my inbox today so I had to check it out:…


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Pizza for Breakfast

Another late start and late finish for me on the work helpdesk. On the positive side I was able to get pizza first thing. Since we met all our targets last month the bosses shouted us all pizza. So I had pizza for breakfast :D

Tonight's listening includes Sonic Landscapes bu Jere Hilland. Quite pleasant but probably not one that I would listen to again. Nice atmospheres but the melody doesn't really stick out.…


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Dark skies and Black Windows

Tonight (at work) I was given the incoming email queue to look after so there's been plenty of time to listen to music.

First up I bumped into Dutch Space Mission by Von Haulshoven & Phrozenlight which was an enjoyable listen:

Second I tried the rather spacey The Galaxy Project by Michael Sandler which was much more appealing to my ears:…


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