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Edgar Froese tribute track for a recent radio show

This track is my contribution to a tribute radio show in honour of Tangerine Dream founder Edgar Froese, who passed away this January - and who was one of my biggest musical heros.

"Everlasting Footprints" will be included later this year in a memorial V/A compilation - well, in TWO compilations actually, one to be released on Relaxed Machinery even (curated by Stillstream radio host Rebekkah Hilgraves). However, for this occasion, a considerably different version of the track will… Continue

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New Brückner album "Two Letters From Crimea - Live at St. Peter, Frankfurt, April 2014"

I'm proud and happy to announce the release of my album:

Two Letters From Crimea - live at St. Peter, Frankfurt, April 2014

You can stream some tracks (and two preview medleys), and of course also purchase the album - both as digital download or as a 2 CD-r set with full artwork in a jewel case - from here:…


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Interview with Michael Brückner, by George de Bruin for The CerebralRift

Recently I had the honour (and pleasure!) to answer an interview by George De Bruin, for his excellent webzine The Cerebral Rift.

Read it here! :-)

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"Hochofen", a new album with Gustavo Jobim released on Plataforma Records

Brazilian electronic music composer Gustavo Jobim and myself started a collaboration already a few years back - now the results have finally been released by the Brazilian netlabel Plataforma Records, which is specialised on rather bizarre experimental electronica.

"Hochofen", however, has - although indeed slighly bizzarre - more of a "neo krautrock meets industrial" touch.

It's also a free release.

Get it here:…


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Ombra - Revisited by Michael Brückner (CD + more)

First, the summary in a nutshell:

Originally, Ombra was recorded in late 2009 / early 2010 and released as a free digital download on the pages of the Moscow based ambient community "AmbiOne" (it's not available there anymore, though).

Now, the album sees a re-release as industrially pressed CD in a limited edition of a total of 100 copies on Hagen von Bergen's label BI-ZA Records.

On this occasion the album was completely remastered, partly remixed, several… Continue

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The new album with Detlev Everling, "Sparrows" - and more...

So, nothing much has changed - I only find time to visit here occasionally.

That's a pity, however while I'm here right now, please let me report what happend since the last time around - I'll go back chronologically from now to, well: January, actually...

The most recent thing is that my collaboration with classical french horn player and fellow synthesist Detlev Everling, that has been in the making since late 2009, finally is finished and found a home on the… Continue

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New Brückner album "In letzter Konsequenz" (special Chrismas offer)

I'm happy to announce the release of a new album:

IN LETZTER KONSEQUENZ (Sequenz und Konsequenz Iv + V)

It contains 29 tracks - more than four hours of music for budget-friendly 3,33 Euros (until New Years Day).

There's a lot more to say about this release, if You're interested, please read the extended info… Continue

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My new album NAURA recently released on Klangwirkstoff Records...

Finally - my first cosmic tuning album "Naura" has been officially released on Klangwirkstoff Records. :-)

Many thanks to Bert Olke for great professional support and mastering, and to Kevin O'Neill for the beautiful cover art!

Here's a preview...…


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Michael Brückner - "Eleventh Sun" released on SynGate Luna

Already a few months ago (in October 2012) I had the pleasure and the honour to release a new album of spherical ambient on the (then) brand new sublabel of German classic electronica label SynGate, called Luna, which is dedicated to shades of electronica which are not covered by the SynGate main label, like ambient or more experimental music... (the Luna logo, by the way, also was created by me).

"Eleventh Sun" contains six tracks of slowly evolving textural drone / ambient, here… Continue

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My album number 100: One Hundered Million Miles Under The Stars (on SynGate Records)

Well, already a few weeks back, my main project of this year was released in sync to my live performance at the RaumZeit Festival in Dortmund, Germany, on June the 9th:

100 Million Miles Under The Stars



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It's been a while - some further (minor) releases...

Well - if there's ONE thing I'm guilty of, then it's visiting this fine netwark far too irregularily... :-(

As a consqeuence, I now have to annouce a whole bunch of (relatively) new releases all at once:

My album number 96, featuring a mix of dark ambient and experimental dance (or something vaguely in that vein...), entitled The Days Of Johnnie Zilch, and, by the way, originally released on the experimantal, LastFM based label "Zilch…


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(More or less) new album "A Slow Walk Through Clear Air"

I recently put another release on my BandCamp page - actually kind of an 'extended re-release' of (partly) slightly older material.

However, since the first appearance of this music in 2007 was even more obscure than most things I did so far, to most people this detail won't matter much:

From about late 2007 to some point in 2008 (the exact dates escape me, I fear...) I published a little 'series' of recordings within a blog in my (oldest) MySpace page, which I called…


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Two (minor) releases from not long ago: "This Fragile Hideaway" and "April Rain"

I just like to announce two of my recent releases:

APRIL RAIN was an EP with live-in-the-studio improvisations, and the main reason for it's exsitance is that after setting up my BandCamp account, I wanted to have a little giveaway to celebrate the occasion -  it's for free (on a name-Your-price basis, so You can as well put a coin in my hat if You like... ;-) ). The style of the tracks is vaguely in a space music / Berlin School vein, so if You like that...

Here's the…


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Michael Brückner ENDLESS MIND PORTAL (2011) at BandCamp

I just want to let You know that my last larger project Endless Mind Portal, first released as a free download on the forum of the EM Portal in August 2011 (as some of You might remember...) now is available from my BandCamp page, in the usual variety of audio…


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1992 - 2012: Twenty years of ambient and electronica

Just a few month ago I realized that 2012 actually is an anniversary year for me (where has all the time gone?!?). And immediately my mind poured out ideas to celebrate the occasion with an outburst of musical activities... ;-)

Two highlights will be:

I will see my first "official" release of one of my…


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