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My review of "The Deception Of Reality" CD by Numina

In Parker, Colorado, USA, based ambient drifter Jesse Sola known as Numina comes here with a brand new album released on Hypnos during July 2012. Marked as 4th album for Hypnos, but Jesse's discography is quite extensive with around 27 albums and collaborations (with IXOHOXI, Stephen Philips and Caul). The album…


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"Urbs" by Bruno Sanfilippo

"Urbs" by Bruno Sanfilippo is available from the…

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My review of "World That Wasn't" CD by Raygun Ballet

My ventures into IDM/downtempo infused electronica are quite limited, but the fact John-Mark Austin is the creator of new project recording under Raygun Ballet moniker immediately raised my eyebrows. Because except newly born Raygun Ballet, he is also the sole protagonist of Immersion Theory and with its "The…


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My review of "Subtle Movements Inside" CDr by Steve Brand

Productive US sound sculptor Steve Brand, based in Roeland Park, Kansas, is releasing his music lately through Relaxed Machinery as well as through his own label Pioneer Light Music. "Subtle Movements Inside" album was released in November 2011 on Relaxed Machinery and it comes with beautiful…


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My review of "Angel" CD by Juta Takahashi

"Angel" is a brand new sonic journey by Japanese ambient drifter Jutaro "Juta" Takahashi, released in July 2012 on his own Lunisolar Records as his 9th album. Between Juta's previous album "Silence" and the newest "Angel" passed about 19 months, but while living in Sendai, Miyagi prefecture, Juta had to experience…


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My review of "Maitreya - The Future Buddha" CD by David Parsons

In New Zealand based sonic magician and famed doyen of ambient scene, David Parsons, has released "Maitreya - The Future Buddha" album back in 2002 on Celestial Harmonies as his 8th album. Even if 10 years passed already, this album will always remain as one of his most meditative and spectacular sonic pearls,…


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Review: Jack Hertz - Speleo

I’ve wanted to review an album by the prolific Jack Hertz for a while, and the timing of his latest album, “Speleo” is just right. Jack runs the Sound for Good netlabel, where profits from sales of downloads and CDs go to charity. Eagle-eyed readers may recall me talking about Sound for Good on my earlier review of William Spivey and Aos Crowley’s “Absence of Matter“. It’s notable that, in just four months, already the label has reached its sixth release.

The album’s notes state that…


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Review: Roberto Massoni - Diter:0

Roberto Massoni‘s “Diter:0″ is the first album to be released on the Docil netlabel, which is based in Argentina. According to the Internet Archive, the label may previously have been named Data. The label also has a SoundCloud page with some additional tracks. The description on this release’s webpage (as translated by Google) describes the music as being “created from the kindness and acceptance of happiness”.

At just over half an hour long, the album moves from one slow, perfect…


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Review: Rune Martinsen & Øystein Jørgensen - Mysterium Cosmographicum

It’s always exciting when a new netlabel launches. Petroglyph Music is a fresh Norwegian label which intends to focus on ambient and experimental music and their subgenres. The label currently has two releases under its belt, having been launched just over two weeks ago. Some of Rune Martinsen’s earlier work can be found under the name Abhorrent Beauty; Øystein Jørgensen has also recorded fairly prolifically under the Ambient Fabric name.

To say that the minimalist cover of “Mysterium…


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My review of "Altered Carbon" CD by Neu Gestalt

November 2008 marked the debut album of Neu Gestalt for Alex Tronic Records, both based in Edinburgh, Scotland. "Between Her Dreams" is leaded by dreamy, evocative washes, which are delicately supported here and there by slowly swirling pulses and crystalline glitches and hisses, all masterfully blanketed by…


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My review of "Mosaic" CD by Mathias Grassow & John Haughm

Wow, here is another collaboration that was held as a well kept secret, so the more surprised I was when this project came to light on Dämmerung Arts label. But I must say that Agalloch's John Haughm is not new in his ventures into drone realms as he already appeared on two tracks of Nostalgia's "Echoes From The…


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Review: Shane Morris & Mystified - Epoch

...the album’s longest cut, lays small seeds down under long, ominous notes which furl and unfurl like sonic rope. The soundscape beguiles the listener with a keening, hypnotic repeated motif hanging in the ether above rock-solid didgeridoo drones. Organic splashes and burbles signify the changes in the forms of...

The full review is over at EarTickles: Shane Morris & Mystified - Epoch

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My review of "Waterfront" CDr by Ran Kirlian & Landru

"Waterfront" is the first collaboration between two Altera Orbe creators, Ran Kirlian and Landru, both emerging talents and kindred spirits from respected Spanish ambient scene. Released during the May 2012 through their Altera Orbe label. "Alkali" opens the journey and dives quickly into shadowy cavern with…


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My review of "Resonance Level" CD+3"CDr by ISH

Here comes another highly pleasurable moment for myself as a reviewer, who is going to focus on Slovak project venturing into ambient domains. ISH is a project of Igor Šenigla, the guy who is also the sole protagonist of another project connected to Aliens Production, Ambiguous. "Resonance Level" is a…


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Review: Jaja - Ascend

“Ascend ” is the second solo album by the German musician Jaja (J.R.), and is released on the netlabel she co-founded, CYAN Music; its predecessor ”Oum” was issued in 2011. She is also one half of the psytrance duo “New Age Hippies“. Jaja describes her music as live electronic compositions, where she plays and arranges nearly everything live on her keyboard, which always makes for interesting listening.

The album is an epic project, clocking in at over two-and-a-half hours. “Aero” has…


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My review of "Coast/ Range/ Arc" CD by Loscil

Vancouver, BC, Canada, based sound designer Scott Morgan aka Loscil is busy during his full time job with creating sound effects for video games, but his part time hobby is devoted to sculpting ambient experiments, mostly for Kranky label. But "Coast/ Range/ Arc" is another exciting contribution to magnificent arctic…


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Review: Inner Place - Biosphere

The newest release on the Ethereal Live netlabel, “Inner Place” is a project by an artist “IX” from Tehran, Iran. This seems to be his second album under this name. The first appears to be “Substratum” on the Russian Subwise netlabel. According to…

The full review is published over on EarTickles at: Inner Place - Biosphere

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Review: Amygdala Projects - Syzygy

The BFW Recordings site tells us that Amygdala Projects is the stage name of Hungarian musician László Néder. He has played guitar for 20 years, and aside from Amygdala Projects, he’s also a member of a rock band, TerraLuna. This ten track album, however, is a solo release, and his fourth on the BFW label.

“Galactic City”, the opening track, starts with a long, slow introductory sweep, as a Berlin School sequence bubbles under sonics which sizzle off to left and right. A solid bass…


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My review of "Low Volume Music" CD by Steve Roach & Dirk Serries

Yes, this was a truly jaw-dropping news, when revealed for the first some months ago by Steve and Dirk. Until that moment it was held as a top secret project, now it's a reality, two giants of ambient genre are reunited again after ten years. I am quite sure this news brought happy smiles on faces of many ambient…


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My review of "Hymn" CD by Juta Takahashi

"Hymn" is the 7th album by Japanese ambient maestro Jutaro "Juta" Takahashi (based in Sendai, Miyagi), released in January, 2010, on his own label Lunisolar Records. Just the same as with his "Silence" CD, reviewed some weeks ago, "Hymn" CD gets immediately extra points for its stunning front cover image featuring the…


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