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My review of "The End" CDr by SiJ

Behind SiJ is hidden Vladislav "Vlad" Sikach, an Ukrainian dronecarver, based in Sevastopol, Crimea, as the main protagonist, although also visual artist Alena Perepadya is often mentioned as additional member. Vlad Sikach has begun his recording career during 2011 and since then SiJ has released over 40 solo and…


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My review of "Into The Current" CDr by Steve Brand

In September of 2007 Steve Brand has attended Steve Roach's SoundCurrent Master Class along with other 3 artists Chad Kettering, Roy Mattson and Ben Garvie, held at the historic Apache Spring Ranch, in scenic Gardner Canyon in Sonoita, Arizona, which was at that time the base for Steve's Timeroom studio and…


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My review of "Lalita" CDr by Al Gromer Khan

German virtuoso instrumentalist, sitarist and composer Al Gromer Khan has released during the middle of March 2015 through Rasa Music his newest album entitled "Lalita", focusing on The Eternal Feminine and its significance in music. 4-panel digipak nicely displays this theme with its rather plain cover…


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My review of "Invisible" CD by Steve Roach

Steve Roach, the genius ambient soundforger, is known for his numerous legendary long-form releases. "Invisible", released though his Timeroom Editions imprint at February 13th, is the latest one, if I count physical editions only, released just in time before Steve Roach's two live shows at the Galactic Center…


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My review of "The Door Into Winter" CD by Juta Takahashi

It seems like Japanese drifter Jutaro "Juta" Takahashi took a little break during 2014 as his previous CD, remastered edition of "Seabound" album, was released during April 2013. "The Door Into Winter", which is out since the beginning of March 2015, is another chapter in Juta Takahashi's series of his…


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My review of "Quiraing" CD by Blake Gibson & Robert Davies

Edmonton based Canadian dronescaper Blake Gibson, rather known under his moniker Broken Harbour, has 3 solo albums to his credit, while Robert Davies from Ithaca, New York, a master od drone subtlety, is one of the familiar names constantly releasing through Canadian DataObscura label. His discography features 15…


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My review of "The Sound Of Silas" 2xCDr by Cousin Silas

Cousin Silas (aka Dave Hughes) is an enormously prolific soundsculptor based in Huddersfield, UK, who is active since 2001 releasing his music almost entirely on digital formats. So that's the main reason Cousin Silas' music has remained unknown to me until then end of September 2014, when a double CDr album…


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My review of "Glaciology" CD by Strom Noir

It looks like the relation between acclaimed Polish label Zoharum and leading Slovak dronescaping project Strom Noir, driven by Emil Maťko, is getting stronger and stronger. The result of this rewarding collaboration is entitled "Glaciology" with additional subtitle in Slovak [štyri skladby pre sneh & ľad],…


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My review of "Vague Traces" CD by Phillip Wilkerson & Chris Russell

Acclaimed Floridian soundforger Phillip Wilkerson, who has an extensive discography on his credit with many pro CDr releases and digital downloads, has teamed up on "Vague Traces" with talented Illinois based artist Chris Russell. Chris Russell is mostly know for his four albums released on Relaxed Machinery. I…


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My review of "Inside Life" CD by Bruno Sanfilippo

"Inside Life" is the newest album by Bruno Sanfilippo, an Argentinian composer with domicile in Barcelona, Spain. Released in elegant digisleeve in the middle of February 2015 through his usual co-owned ad21 label. Being familiar already with the aural part, I must say the packaging precisely levels the quality…


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My review of "Anátēxis" CDr by Jarguna

Italian soundexplorer, photographer and ethnobotany adventurer Marco Billi aka Jarguna returns with his newest "Anátēxis" album self-released during January 2015. Recorded between 2013 and 2014 at his Sound Course Studio, the album comes with attractive jewel case design, which include except stunning photos also…


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My review of "Filaments" CD by Robert Rich

Quite long time has passed since the last album of Robert Rich, "Nest" was released in September of 2012. However, it doesn't mean this iconic soundexplorer was silent during the last two years. On the contrary, in this period of time he resurrected his legendary sleep concert format, which firstly led to his live…


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Divinations Review and Album Feature

Much gratitude to John Shanahan (Hypnagogue) for his enthusiastic review of my Divinations album, and to Brian at Our Place Radio for featuring the album on Feb. 25. Reaching such kindred spirits makes releasing the music all the more rewarding!

John says:



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My review of "Monuments Of Ecstasy" CD by Byron Metcalf - Steve Roach - Rob Thomas

Long time kindred spirits and collaborators Byron Metcalf and Steve Roach have been constantly challenging their extraordinaire musicianship. Now their tribe has expanded as Rob Thomas of Inlakesh duo (with Tanya Gerard) returns after acclaimed "Medicine Work", a high-spirited cowork with Byron (June…


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Review : Steve Brand_The Space Between

US soundscaper and one of the Relaxed Machinery recording aces Steve Brand has released during the last three years several phenomenal albums, which include "Over-soul", "The Great Hoop", "Subtle Movements Inside" or his 2014…


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My review of "Broadcast" CD by Spuntic

Databloem's Dennis Knopper is always very good in bringing into the map some new unknown names and Spuntic is certainly no exception in these adventurous explorations. Mehdi Saleh aka IX, the driving force behind Spuntic, is an Iranian soundscaper, based in Tehran, who belongs to the leading forces of the growing…


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My review of "Inside The Rain Chamber" CD by Neu Gestalt

The sole protagonist behind Neu Gestalt, in Edinburgh, Scotland based ambient downtempo sound wizard Les Scott has released his 3rd album "Inside The Rain Chamber" on domiciliar, Paul Croan's label Alex Tronic Records, just like his previous two albums "Altered Carbon" (2008) and "Weightless Hours" (2012). Out…


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My review of "Full Circle" CDr by The Circular Ruins

Two years have passed since the previous solo TCR release "The Birth of Tragedy", but in the meantime Anthony Paul Kerby (APK) has been quite busy collaborating with Specta Ciera and Mystified, as well as with his Lammergeyer project and also focusing on his co-works with Robert Davies (as The Winterhouse), and…


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My review of "The Past Is Another Country" CDr by Amongst Myselves

Behind this Australian project, based in Blackwood, suburb of Adelaide, is hidden Steve Roberts, who is releasing his soundworlds since 2001. "The Past Is Another Country" is his 7th full length album, which was self-released in the middle of October 2014 as a standard jewel case edition with 4-panel front insert and…


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Memory Palace - Review by Bert Strolenberg (Sonic Immersion)

Many thanks to Bert for his close listening and support! His original post is here.


The origins for "Memory Palace" go back to Christmas 2010, when Greg Moorcroft (aka eyes cast down) approached Chris Russell with the idea of starting a groove-based collaboration. Greg would take care of the rhythmic side of things while Mr. Russell would be in charge of all additional…


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