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2014 in Review: Afterimages and Transitions

It's that time of year again... time for the dreaded Year-End Review. An attempt to make sense of 2014 and formulate an idea of where 2015 might lead.

I'm a little embarrassed to note that I didn't even do this last year! But 2013 was a quiet year, and I didn't work on anything solo. I recorded my parts for The Rage of Reason (see below) and Afterimages (from Memory Palace, below), and arranged my…


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Cahokia - Journey to American Pyramids and Beyond

Aural Films New Release - Cahokia is an enigma of sorts, as the true origin of the people and name of this city are unknown. These works are a series of meditations on the mystery and wonder of this fantastic place of pyramids and a sophisticated culture that predates western history. Download the album now at…


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New Release - Shambhala by Symatic Star & Jack Hertz

Download album here - …


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Journey to Shambhala - Symatic Star and Jack Hertz

Behold 1,000,000 Buddhas dancing on the head of a pin! "Shambhala" by Symatic Star and Jack Hertz is  available on the Aural Films Label now. Download it at

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Complex Silence 34 by Jack Hertz Now Available

This album was inspired by the starfish that populate the Pacific coast where I live. Download the album now at

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Sun God from Jaguars & Shamen by Jack Hertz and Cousin Slias

Download the album now at

In Aztec mythology, Tonatiuh (Nahuatl: Ollin Tonatiuh, "Movement of the Sun") was the sun god. The Aztec people considered him the leader of Tollan (heaven). He was also known as the fifth sun, because the Aztecs…


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The Doorway by Symatic Star and Jack Hertz

Shambhala by Symatic Star and Jack Hertz - The tracks on the album represent five selected themes from Shambhala stories and can be interpreted as representing both a physical journey to an enigmatic land and as an inner journey. Download the album now at…


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Speleo by Jack Hertz

Speleology is the study of caves and other karst features including their physical properties, history, life forms, and processes by which they form and change over time. These recordings presented here are inspired by and dedicated to the amazing subterranean worlds of the underground.

Sound for Good records have partnered with Trees for the Future to offer the new release "Speleo" by Jack…


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Simple Ambient Music Recipe


1 Compressor

1 Auto-pan

1 Reverb

1 Vibrato

1 Tremolo

1 Mod Wheel

1 Sustained sound source

Combine the effects marinade of compressor, auto-pan, reverb, vibrato and tremolo in that order as a serial effects path…


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Space Drone 1 by Jack Hertz

Space Drone 1 is a long form drone piece that was conceived entirely from sounds recorded in outer space. Sound sources include various planets, satellites, and other related recordings. Space Drone 1 was performed live on Time Drone 2011-12-03 at

Cover image silhouette of Saturn was taken by the Cassini spacecraft on…

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To Raise The Dead by Jack Hertz - New Release

Just in time for Halloween comes a studio mix of the Jack Hertz performance on Sadayatana Friday the 13th. 2011-05-13. Eerie sounds and electronic music create a haunting hour long performance, perfect for raising the dead. Special effects contributed by Quisp Quake. Download this release now free from the Buddhist on Fire Netlabel at…


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Time Drone 2011-03-23 - Water

This week's Time Drone show will feature live music inspired by water. Tune in this Wednesday (tonight) 8 PM EST / 5 PM PST at…


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Time Drone - Weekly Ambient Music Show

Time Drone is weekly show featuring two hours of ambient music by Jack Hertz and guests every Wednesday starting at 7 PM EST / 4PM PST / 000 GMT (Thursday). Time Drone is focused on experimenting with very long forms of live improvisation that are meant to slow or extend the listeners' perception of time. Tune in weekly at or download past shows from the Time Drone archive available at…


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