The Final Episode: Nightscaping Radio on - 3/4/2015

This week (3/4) is the final show for Nightscaping Radio, and for this special extra-long "With A Little Help From My Friends" edition I’ll be paying tribute specifically to the various artists I’ve gotten to know over the years

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Galactic Travels Playlist #934 for February 26, 2015.

Galactic Travels Playlist #934 for February 26, 2015.


On this show, I concluded the month-long focus on Zero Ohms. The Featured CD at Midnight was "Supreme Infinite Essence" on ZOP Opus…


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Don't music labels realize I don't have a turntable anymore!

Im thinking I should consider getting a turntable.....gosh what do you call them today.  WHen I had a HiFi system as a teenager they were called record players because thats what you put on them to spin.  Are they still being made today! Ha Ha.

As I have never lost the "desire" for physical product, I continue to purchase more physical cd's than downloads....stranger in a strange land. What rubs me the wrong way so to speak is when labels offer vinyl and digital only, no cd's.  A…


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Steve Brand_Into The Current_RELEASED 2-6-15

“Into The…

Added by Steve Brand on February 26, 2015 at 2:00pm — 5 Comments

Listen to Galactic Travels


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Tonight at 11 pm EST/GMT-5 on Galactic Travels, I'll conclude the month-long Special Focus on Zero Ohms.  The Featured CD at Midnight will be "Supreme Infinite Essence" on ZOP Opus Records.  The Special Focus page is at…


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FoxNet News Service

FoxNet News Service is published weekly with my musical activities.

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Five Questions for Artists of All Types, All Levels

:interrobang:  Five Questions for Artists of All Types, All Levels :interrobang:

last weeks answers were phenomenal - thank you! ]

Whether you're a musician, writer, painter, sculptor, designer, toy maker, baker, candlestick maker, animator, re-animator, coder, photographer, scientist, gif maker, etc. etc. etc... here are five questions that I'd like to know about you. A lot…


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rM gets me through the working day

Added by Joel Sutton on February 26, 2015 at 5:42am — 4 Comments

Mixcloud Posts

I've posted a few mixes of ambient music at Mixcloud if anyone cares to check them out. (As if we don't all have enough sources of music competing for ear-time!)  Here's a link to the latest with music by Ken Camden, Another Neglected Hobby, Heathered Pearls, Robert Fripp & Brian Eno, Forest Management, Loscil, Marcus Fischer, A Produce and Solar Fields.  Check out the earlier posts there as well.…


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have a look & listening (in case of need:)) at



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ambient online podcast #39 (Featuring: Scott Lawlor)

Podcast number…


Added by S1gns Of L1fe on February 24, 2015 at 4:20pm — 1 Comment

Alphabet Dust - Work in Progress

Finished. No, really this time. Something of an epic compared to my usual short sketches, over the past couple of months I've spent many hours working on an as yet untitled Alphabet Dust track that runs to over eighteen minutes long (self-indulgent? who, me?) Arranged and mixed it umpteen times, added parts, stripped parts out, got close to scrapping it a couple of times and sometimes wondered why I do this as a pastime when it was rattling uninvited round my head. Am I ready to release it…


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Alphabet Dust - not this week on Garnethillsound

Whoops, false start - it looks like I won't be gracing the airwaves this evening on Garnethillsound, probably next week. Still, worth a listen if you'd like to weird-out your Tuesday :)

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Thought Guild - THIRD VOYAGE CD Re-Release 2015 Vintage Synth Improvisations

Harmonic Resonance Recordings has re-released Thought Guilds Third Voyage for 2015 with an additional archival track Ki…

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Spaces Between Silence - An Experiment with Rhodes Ambient

During the last At Water's Edge show, in the chat I asked what an Ambient album made entirely from Rhodes and various effects would sound like. That got my brain going, so I ended up making the title track for an album in the works. Everything in the track you hear is Rhodes. It consists of 2 Rhodes VSTs, one of them with 3 instances, and a rhodes sample.…


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Our future home getting better by bits and pieces - mobile almost here.

As you know from earlier - I really want to move to ello. It's lacking some seriously major functionality that I believe will be there by the time we have to leave here end of July.  Here's an  update from Paul Budnitz - the founder of Ello.  I live in Ello nearly every day multiple times a day - and I love it. It's a blank slate at first - like twitter was when you first joined (if you ever joined..) - you have to follow people.  Rarely have I run across so many "cool" people so densely…


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Alphabet Dust on Garnethillsound - Tues 24th Feb

Alphabet Dust hits the internet airwaves on Garnethillsound, Tuesday 24th February. Broadcast starts at 21:00 GMT with some Dust in the 22:00-23:00 segment. Be there or be square :)

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Steve Roach Newsletter - 2/22/2015


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Nightscaping Radio on Stillstream 2/25: BEAT NIGHT!

On this week's Nightscaping Radio on Stillstream.Fm (2/25), it's time once again for BEAT NIGHT, atmospheric groves of all kinds: from tribal to subtle to danceable to head-bangin' heavy. We'll be featuring tracks by Jason…


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To all my ice-locked friends around the world...

EMjoy waves of warmth to take your mind off the cold. Peace!

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When does collecting become hoarding?

With now more than 800 bandcamp purchases behind me, I am faced with a very pressing question, one that is fermenting deep in the back of my mind.

"When does collecting become hoarding?"

Now 800 albums may not seem so bad, well within a collectors scope of manageability. But if you add to this collection the nearly 2,000 additional albums obtained via various other means (amazon…


Added by Brian Bourassa on February 22, 2015 at 10:30am — 20 Comments

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