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Thoughts: Volume 34 - feeling melancholy

I periodically step back and think about things in my life and what I do. What makes me happy, what makes me stressed, what moves me, etc... 

I'm in one of those moods. This seems to happen when I've been sick with breathing problems for too long - and this is one of those times.

Relaxed Machinery - the label.  

Making me extremely happy.  I love it.  I have great partners in Geoff and Steve.  We also have Joel who's just a peach helping out.  I work…


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my new album Adrift to be released the 20th of December - pre-orders available

Adrift is now on pre-order. To be released the 20th of December on Oak editions

Pre-orders receive previously unreleased track from the Adrift sessions!…


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This has been (and is currently ongoing) a nice series. For the most part, slightly dark, ambient portrayals of . . .fog. Most of the individual pieces ran upwards of 20 to 25 minutes (and some longer, still) & I, as everyone else, had my preferences of sounds & track length.

So here are edited versions of my favorite offerings from the…


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Happy Birthday to Joel Sutton / Anythingsynth

Joel is the all around nice guy behind the scenes. He helps me with Relaxed Machinery - he helps StillStream with the code that runs the servers. Wish a happy birthday to this Australian nice guy...…


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Alphabet Dust - Leaving Reminders

With a fanfare of kazoos, my answer to the NaSoAlMo challenge is finished and online. "Leaving Reminders" was written and recorded from scratch in short bursts between 1st-22nd November. Much of the content was played rather than sequenced and some imperfections in the performance, arrangement and…


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another ambient track, this one, a bit more rhythmic in parts

hello. Here's my track for challenge 6, probably the most challenging for me.

Thanks for listening and giving me your thoughts on it when you have a moment.

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Obscure tribal ambient album worth sharing...

Hi RM'ers….just sharing this tribal ambient I found years ago and have recently rediscovered. This is the only album/project I have found by this artist. Lots of drums, flutes, and environmental sounds.

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Elizabeth Fraser: the Cocteau Twins and me - 2009 article

For 18 years, she was the 'voice of God' in the Cocteau Twins. Now Elizabeth Fraser finds it too difficult even to think about her old bandmates

Elizabeth Fraser, Cocteau Twins singer

 The voice from another world ... Elizabeth Fraser. Photograph: Sally Mundy Sally…


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3D Renders I've Done (Synths)

Of the many hats I've worn, artwork is one of them, including 3D rendering.

Here are some images I rendered in Vue 10 X-Stream.

Born To Synthesize…


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Whaddaya think of this latest art of mine?

Bryce rendering called "They That Watch"

Higher resolution image here:

My wife actually liked this one! :^D



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The Ambient Synth - #3: Hybrid Layering

Want the best of both worlds? Here's a synthesis technique that will give you some creative possibilities.  Further down in the blog, you'll find the mp3 audio tutorial, so you can hear it for yourself!

In the last Ambient Synth Blog, we looked at the simple technique of stacking…


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Galactic Travels Playlist #920 for November 20, 2014.

Galactic Travels Playlist #920 for November 20, 2014.


On this show, I continued the month-long focus on Ron Boots. The Featured CD at Midnight was "See Beyond Times, Look Beyond Words"…


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Thought Radio Playlist for November 22, 2014.

Thought Radio Playlist for November 22, 2014.


In Phase 1, I continued the special on Sequences electronic music magazine and played new music Chuck van Zyl,…


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W E E K E N D _ D E L I G H T _ 008

Week 8 brings us to someone who is no stranger to rM. I've seen him online here more than once. He has releases on various netlabels including  Aural Films, Webbed Hand Records, weareallghosts, as well as a selection of self-release titles. This weeks "masterpiece" is stamped by Aural Films.

Total Time: aprox. 41min…


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I Put You In A Box

I put you in a box

Of things I thought I knew

Of mysteries I thought I solved

But I never had a clue

I put you in a box

And described you to a tee

But I drowned out what was true

With my judge reality

I put you in a box

And I buried you so deep

I forgot to have the funeral

Or the memory I 'd keep

I put you in a box

And I labeled you so hard

Now you never will escape

The judging cutting… Continue

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Listen to Thought Radio


Please SHARE so that more people can listen to and support the artists.

Thought Radio, the Saturday edition of The AM/FM Show, is on at 6 am EST/GMT-5.  In Phase One, I will continue the special on Sequences Electronic Music Magazine's sampler CDs.  I'll also play new music by Chuck van Zyl as well as by Nattefrost.  In Phase 3, the Artist of the Month is…


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Cold Fiction Music Label Sampler for 2014

I run a small netlabel called Cold Fiction Music, and we have put out a label sampler of the stuff released in 2014 and a track from an upcoming release. The styles range from Ambient to Progressive House, to Chillout/IDM and Dub Techno. Featuring 12 tracks that showcase the wide range of music we release, it is…


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Back in the Game: Live at Archer Heights Library

After a two-year break, it was time to get back on the live wagon, to make sure the wheels were still securely attached. So I jumped at the library's invitation.

I had planned to play all composed pieces, but it finally dawned (at the last rehearsal) that this was involving too many guitars (four, including the 12-string and the acoustic), so I cut back to the usual two and revamped the program, allowing for a couple of improvised flings.

So I ended up with three pieces from…


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Patti Smith and David Lynch Discussion on NME

Patti Smith praised Pussy Riot during a talk with renowned director-come-musician David Lynch at the Fondation Cartier in Paris.…


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