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new release: Scott Lawlor, Eugene-kha and Mister Vapor- Three Moons


I have a new release on the Treetrunk label, a threeway collaboration with Mister Vapor and Eugene-Kha which is available for download.

It was an honor working with these two great prolific artists in the creation of what I hope will be an imaginative journey for you through some of the most mystical and pariless portions of our solar system.

Here are the notes on the album.

Mister Vapor posted a nice, plum drone in late summer of 2014 called "Jupiter". Scott…


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Exploring the Universe of Analogue Sounds: Zanov - Bert / Sonic Immersion

Bert posted this over on Hypnos and I thought I'd share it here...  first few paragraphs below - but it's a long one!  Rest is at his site - John K-N

"Hello all,

The last half year I've been busy writing an informative feature on legendary '70's French synthesist Zanov;  

the latter has surfaced recently after 30 years of absence, …


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pausebox 0476 - writer's block

Writing about writer's block is better than not writing at all.

Charles Bukowski


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Echo Us Memoirs Published, As A Priori Memoriae Hit's Stores

Echo Us releases II:XII, À Priori Memoriaé, New Videoclip, And 2001 Memoirs.

(9-17-2014- Portland, Ore.)

A recent series of articles runs through Ethan Matthew's distant past until the forming of Echo Us, his eventual hospitalization in Nov 2001, and the transition that bolted his music in a new direction:

Echo Us Memoirs on 2001

"I had lost complete contact with everyone. I…


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RAIN-BIENT! Nightscaping Radio on - 9/17/2014

On tomorrow night's show (9/17): RAIN-BIENT! Time to get wet - we're focusing on tracks about rain, featuring music by Thom Brennan, Abstract Audio Systems, Altus, Jeff Duke,…


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[CFM-EX3] Beneath The World - The Day After

Put out a new release on my label's EX series today. A fantastic release of Chillout Electronic music to wind the day down with. Including swirling synths, pads, rhodes, laid back basslines and jungle loops slowed down to create a unique sound that is Beneath The World. At this time we only have a single to share of his music, but boy is it good stuff.…


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New Eventide Ultrareverb on sale for 60% off through 10/17 (and no, I don't work for Eventide LOL)

For those who might be interested: Eventide's Ultrareverb plugin is now available in a single native format plugin and is currently on sale for $79 (60% off) through October 17th.

Info: …


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David Bowie, Brian Eno and Tony Visconti record 'Warszawa'

David Bowie, Brian Eno and Tony Visconti record 'Warszawa'

Pinched from the hypnos forum:

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By Robert Greer

Damo Suzuki was born in Japan in 1950. As a teenager, he left Asia to travel Europe and was quickly recruited to be the singer of Can, an avant-garde band from Cologne that…


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Meredith Graves (Perfect Pussy) Talks Andrew W.K., Lana Del Rey and Authenticity at Basilica Soundscape 2014

This is an extremely well written, thought out discussion on stars and expectations and double standards tearing people apart.  If not sure you want to read/skim it all...  Scroll down to the last 2 paragraphs.  - John K-N




Meredith Graves (Perfect Pussy) Talks Andrew…


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Calling for photographers for Wednesday Early Magazine

Hi! I work as art director for wednesday early mag, an argentinian magazine about photography and illustration. I'm looking for photographers (and visual artists) that would like to show their work on our next editon. There is no subject or theme, the editions pretty much happen as we find new artists and search for a conection between them. If someone is interested please send me a link of your work to my inbox :)

Here you can see september's edition…


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The State of the Music Industry by The Oatmeal

The state of the music industry


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Underground Movies

The new album Underground Movies is out now All Tracks Written, Performed And Produced by Ensueno.
[5,6] Dmitry Trupgerg on Didgeridoo.
Cover art by Rudy Ensueno
Ekaterinburg, September 2014

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The Sleeper's Night Journey

Greetings all.

I am proud to announce the release of my second ambient album, The Sleeper's Night Journey. This is a concept album about the dream world. It can be purchased as a digital download, with a physical CD release to come soon.…


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To be immortal be held as Your Love Immortal,

in your ever-loving eyes,

to be held in the presence of your care,

despite the barriers of whatever comes,

whether it be circumstance,


or things that lie beyond.

To be beheld as beloved in the deepest parts of thee,

as I set my love free to chase thee in Lavender Fields,

brushed with the winds of Loves eternal memory:

I seek all this in more in the memory of…


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Spot The One That Doesn't Fit!

Online pre-orders for II:XII, A Priori Memoriae are available everywhere- US release is OCT 7th, and orders will be available at after that time. For now, the best way is to preorder the album from a jungle river nearest you :0)

For the October issue of… Continue

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ambient online podcast #35 (Featuring: ontol)

Podcast number…


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Cosmo & Luna & Jaja

We now have our tiny cats one and a half months with us and it is so fun. I wanted to share with you some of the latest photos (excerpts from a video) where you can see the cats and I having a special time.…


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YouTube videos with music I've contributed to ...

I was nosing around on YouTube this afternoon and found a bunch of video artists who have used music that I have been a part of. Just wanted to share the work of these fantastic artists ...

Solo music

Cydonia Mensae

December 3, 2005…


Added by Darrell Burgan on September 13, 2014 at 4:36pm — 3 Comments

pausebox 1893 - The Looper Trio


Early loopers... using long loops of tape.  The mystery remains, however, why are…


Added by John K-N on September 13, 2014 at 8:29am — 3 Comments

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