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Roach/Reyes Ancestors Circle

4 minutes into "Ancestor's Circle" by Roach and Reyes and I all ready highly recommend it- simply stunning!

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Galactic Travels Playlist #917 for October 30, 2014.

Galactic Travels Playlist #917 for October 30, 2014.


On this show, I concluded the month-long focus on Craig Padilla. The Featured CD at Midnight was LP2 from "Sonar" on Fruits de Mer…


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Featured! Fantastic Week!

Great articles from great people!  

Music and Vulnerability …


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new release: Divina Commedia I - Nine Circles with Jack Hertz


I am honored to have another collaborative effort out with Jack on his Aural Films label.

Here are the notes and the download link for the album.

Aural Films presents a new album release "Divina Commedia I - Nine Circles" album by Scott Lawlor & Jack Hertz. Read the following notes by Scott Lawlor who conceptualized this project:

I have always been fond of Dante's Inferno, having read it back around 1987 in a world Literature class and it wasn't…


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Music and Vulnerability

Comfort, ease and joy can be cultivated through practice. To do this, we must give up excessive ambition and…


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This is posted on the excellent Make Your Own Taste site.  I love Tolkien - and Thomas Mathie aka Headphonaught / owner of We Are All Ghosts label is an excellent chap and one heck of a huge Tolkien fiend! 



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Midi interfacing your hardware gear in the modern age....

I have always used multiple ported midi interfaces to connect my hardware synths to my DAW. But as time and technology moves forward there are fewer and fewer options for multiple midi port interfaces to use. Luckily I have found an option that works quite well and will work as long as you have at least one midi output port from your audio interface. I picked up a product from Midi Solutions called the T8. …


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What makes it worth while for me

It's all worth my time writing short comments on each album I purchase from Bandcamp.

Booyakasha! You just made something awesome happen.…


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Listen to Galactic Travels


Please SHARE so that more people can listen to and support the artists.

Tonight at 11 pm EDT/GMT-4 on Galactic Travels, I'll conclude the month-long Special Focus on Craig Padilla.  The Featured CD at Midnight will be LP 2 from "Sonar" on Fruits de Mer Records.  The Special Focus page is at…


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The Future of the Community

Hello!  Your friendly tin toy robot admin here.

As many have noticed... Ning - the platform we've been on since 2010 (and I had our AtmoWorks Community on Ning from 2008 to 2010)... well, Ning has been a little fruity lately.

For example:

* bandcamp embeds never work properly…


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Free Halloween 18 track party album

What's up?

I just signed on to post this J M K 9000 album. It is not ambient/drone, but by ambient/drone composer AmoebiKathedral. When I'm not doing that, I'm getting down with some high octane bpm production. This is IDM/EBM/EDM that still is heavily reliant on synth expertise, in fact, the ambient has made my better and more creatively open to this.

It is 100%…


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Greetings to all!

The NEW RELEASE by LITTLE SAP DUNGEON is now available.


(p.s. there is a bonus track)

I present to you all:

LITTLE SAP DUNGEON - "The Devil's Autumn Eve"

Through the years Little Sap Dungeon has managed to expand into many genres of (primarily) the darker… Continue

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Zone Music Reporter - September 2014 Charts

Steve Brand just sent me the link to the September charts on ZMR - and I see quite a few friends on there! 

Steve Roberts / Amongst Myselves - The Past Is Another Country…


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dirk serries newsletter November 2014

Dirk Serries' THE ORIGIN REVERSAL continues to receive nice reviews and appreciation.  Meanwhile we launched the album teaser for Dirk Serries' new album on Belgium's Consouling Sounds.  UNSEEN DESCENDING AND LAMENTATION is a prelude to the forthcoming and long-awaited Microphonics album in 2016.  Catch him live in the upcoming months, the concert at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels is now sold out !  A…

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Photography section gone ?

For good ?

I hope this is just a temporary thing.

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FoxNet News Service

FoxNet News Service is published with my musical activities.

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The ultimate carrierwave.....

Due to certain events back in time, some early childhood experiences, i developed a very fine tuned ability to detect sounds. The quality and texture of breathing. The sound of the doorknob being turned, revealed to me the mood and the amount of possible danger arriving accompanying the person turning the knob. And hours spent in solitude in a dark basement awakened my consciousness of things, non physical but non the less very much alive, at least in my mind and imagination. For years i had… Continue

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Hump-day Get-away 004

The mid-week blues got you flat-lining. Then it's time to press your ears up against some comforting music. This weeks featured artist is from Tipperary, Ireland. His name is Cóemgín Cùil. It is his first release on Bandcamp and is an impressive one at that.

His descriptive tags say Ambient, Dark Ambient, Experimental Ambient.

After a listen I sense a fairly light darkness, spooky maybe, and with plenty of…


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Fog Music Project Review on CerebralRift

Many thanks to the CerebralRift for the write-up on the Fog Music Project and what its all about. If you have been wondering about what all this Fog Music is, please head on over to the link below for all the details. Please help support the project by purchasing an album or few for $1 or more that goes to support the Fog Music Festival in January. Read the full article now at…


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rM Featured Writers starts off with a bang!

Her Light: by A. Sinclaire Posted by AutumnDani on October 28, 2014

It all started with a mad idea …


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