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Tell us about yourself!
Max Corbacho is an independent artist born in the southwest of Spain, in the province of Badajoz. This enormous land sprinkled of oaks where he was born and spent the first years of his life, is perhaps the deeper track that marks his music. Starred nights of summer, the caress of the nocturnal breeze, the sedative song of the crickets, immense horizons, deeply blue skies and silence.

The extremely dense and hypnotic sonic landscapes of Max Corbacho are a constant reference to these elements – elements which condense and act as catalysts, pointing to the essence of the great and ineffable mystery of our existence. Corbacho’s musical expression has the ability to draw us into this wonderful mystery.

His musical trajectory began, after making guitar studies, in local rock bands and, after some years as an electric guitar player, he slowly become interested in electronic music. First, with legendary bands like Tangerine Dream or artists such as Richard Burmer and Vangelis. Later influences include Brian Eno, Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana, Alio Die and Michael Stearns.

In 1999 his first work, Vestiges, was produced. Soon the prestigious online store Backroads Music chose this album as one of the best of 2000, and Vestiges became one of the more highly praised Space-ambient CD´s around that time. Vestiges was considered a sincere, touching, powerful work, full of mystery.

In the year 2000 Max published his second CD, Far Beyond The Immobile Point, followed by The Resonant Memory of Earth, published by the North American label “Space For Music”. Further releases include Nocturnal Emanations, Indalo and Moontribe – each one larger and more accomplished than the last. Max has also worked in close collaboration with Argentine musician (settled now in Barcelona) Bruno Sanfilippo, releasing a CD together and setting up the record label ad21music.

The album The Talisman is yet another step forward. Here the artist explains: I have tried to create all the songs of this work “inside” my synthesizers exclusively, inside this deeply isolated world, an amniotic-like innerspace that develops in the synth and multi-effects circuits, without inserting any “external” elements, except for the voices in the first song. Also, I have experimented more and more with long, spacious reverbs and looping treatments. Thus, the music’s “oceanic” nature is strengthened, creating an atemporal quality, suspended in time and space, without rare elements disrupting the internal balance and natural flow of harmonic streams. No tempo, no synchronization, maybe only the breathing and pulse of the artist.

Max Corbacho’s recent albums follow the progression into deep, silken ambience set by The Resonant Memory of Earth and The Talisman: Breathstream and Ars Lucis deepen in the search of sublime melody-free magnificence, ethereal electronics and vaporous textures.

The Max Corbacho website provides clips to listen to, free exclusive downloads and online store.


* BIOMA (2011)
* LOST LINKS (2011)
* DEEP TIME (2010)
* ARS LUCIS (2009)
* MOONTRIBE (2004)
* INDALO (2003)
* VESTIGES (1998)
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Max Corbacho posted a status
"Thanks Chad, Gregg, Jaja, Richard and all the people here on RM Ning!!"
Apr 1, 2013
Chad Kettering left a comment for Max Corbacho
"Happy Birthday Max! "
Apr 1, 2013
eyes cast down left a comment for Max Corbacho
"Happy birthday Max! Trusting you'll have some studio time. :)"
Apr 1, 2013
Max Corbacho posted a status
"Woau, incredible awakening, a lot of messages of Relaxed Machinery Ning!! THANK YOU ALL, it is a pleasure to share this day with ALL you."
Apr 1, 2013
Jaja left a comment for Max Corbacho
"Max, wish you a happy birthday full of joy : ) greetings from germany to spain"
Apr 1, 2013
Richard Gürtler left a comment for Max Corbacho
"Hola Max!!! Happy Birthday, cheers!!!"
Apr 1, 2013
S. K. Yeatts commented on Max Corbacho's blog post No Title
"Max:  I finally got your latest "The Ocean Inside" today (via CDBaby after Amazon ultimately gave up trying to get it for me after a month of trying) - and while Richard Gürtler's review was mostly on-target, he should have…"
Mar 18, 2013
Dave Ebacher commented on Max Corbacho's blog post No Title
"ax: Congrats on the Mastering service! I will be purchasing some CDs, special editions and such in the future as there is a tangibility that I do miss... Likewise, there are special edition FLAC  as well. Case in point Steve Roach and Vidna…"
Mar 10, 2013
Richard Gürtler commented on Max Corbacho's blog post No Title
"All the best with your mastering services, Max!!!"
Mar 10, 2013
Max Corbacho commented on Max Corbacho's blog post No Title
"S.K  and Dave, great info. Actually, I'm trusting for the moment on my home Hi Fi equipment and CDs. FLAC is a good solution but I am not really concerned about the portable side of music. Furthermore, the issue of storage is not solved…"
Mar 10, 2013
Dave Ebacher commented on Max Corbacho's blog post No Title
"(I am with Richard in spirit, I prefer CD as the ideal) Thumbs-up on the DAC! I would like to do the same thing for my Cowon S9 if I could (  which for a standalone portable unit, it sounds very good…"
Mar 9, 2013
S. K. Yeatts commented on Max Corbacho's blog post No Title
"Max / Dave / Richard: Thanks for the comments. Per Dave's suggestion, I cancelled the Amazon order and bought it on CDBaby. I prefer CDs even over FLAC (just as a hard-copy back-up). And on that 'note' - (and I should probably start a…"
Mar 9, 2013
Dave Ebacher commented on Max Corbacho's blog post No Title
"S.K. - As a side note on the download option... Do to space issues in my small home, I have had to turn to downloads :-(    (I have a music server - NAS with redundancy backups, local and web). I would not download anywhere else but…"
Mar 9, 2013
Max Corbacho commented on Max Corbacho's blog post No Title
"Hello people,Yes, Amazon is sometimes a bit erratic keeping the stock. CDBaby is indeed the most suitable option I think for those buyers in USA. Anyway, as Richard says, the best of all remains buy directly on, or in…"
Mar 9, 2013
Richard Gürtler commented on Max Corbacho's blog post No Title
"I definitely prefer to order directly from Max through their ad21 label or via Altera Orbe. Yes, maybe it would be slightly more expensive for overseas orders, but I think the difference is quite small. And nothing will beat the personalized…"
Mar 9, 2013
S. K. Yeatts commented on Max Corbacho's blog post No Title
"Dave: Great research - I will do exactly that! Thanks so much for the counsel. Max and I owe you one... ;-)"
Mar 8, 2013

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Max Corbacho's Blog

LOST LINKS - Max Corbacho / review by Bert Strolenberg -

Posted on July 6, 2011 at 2:07am 4 Comments

LOST LINKS - Max Corbacho / review by Bert Strolenberg -

For “Lost Links”, the first volume in a series, Max Corbacho assembled a collection of tracks which were shelved in his archive although they were initially composed to fit on a…


Reviews: The Talisman - Max Corbacho

Posted on April 14, 2011 at 1:30am 0 Comments

The Talisman - Max Corbacho

Review by Morpheus Music & The Mall Magazine



Expansive beatless spacey ambience created by the establishing of immense translucent zones of overlapping tonal masses. These swelling multiple layers are lustrous and dense like massive backlit…


Everything is quiet and empty - Ryokan

Posted on January 20, 2011 at 9:14am 1 Comment


At night, deep in the mountains,
I sit in meditation.
The affairs of men never reach here:
Everything is quiet and empty,
All the incense has been swallowed up by the endless night.
My robe has become a garment of dew.
Unable to sleep, I walk out into the woods -
Suddenly, above the highest peak, the full moon appears.

from "Dewdrops on a Lotus Leaf" translated by John Stevens

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At 9:54am on April 1, 2013, Chad Kettering said…

Happy Birthday Max! 

At 9:40am on April 1, 2013, eyes cast down said…

Happy birthday Max! Trusting you'll have some studio time. :)

At 2:50am on April 1, 2013, Jaja said…

Max, wish you a happy birthday full of joy : ) greetings from germany to spain

At 2:15am on April 1, 2013, Richard Gürtler said…

Hola Max!!! Happy Birthday, cheers!!!

At 2:04pm on April 1, 2012, Chris Russell said…

Happy Birthday Max!!! :)

At 7:28am on April 1, 2012, Chad Kettering said…

Happy Birthday Max!

At 6:42am on April 1, 2012, John K-N said…

Happy Birthday, Max!  

At 1:00am on April 1, 2012, Richard Gürtler said…

Hola Max!!! All the best and Happy Birthday, my amigo!!! Cheers!!! I was just journeying yesterday evening with "BreathStream", as always deeply immersing and absolutely breathtaking. Can't wait for the next odyssey...

At 9:59pm on June 23, 2011, åpne sinn said…
Just wanted to leave you a note of respect and deepest gratitude for 'Lost Links', my friend.  This is sublime work.  Every day you remind me why I want to make this music.
At 4:59pm on June 23, 2011, Robert Davies said…
Yes, it's great to be in touch with you again Max!

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