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If there's anything you want to save - you'd better do it TODAY.  Cancelling Tuesday Morning my time (eastern US)


Just watched Moon last night (directed by Duncan Jones, starring Sam Rockwell).  Really great sci-fi, very well done film, but what struck me the most was Clint Mansell's awesome soundtrack.  Haunting and minimal and all together amazing, it's something that really struck me as beautiful and dark and all those things that I like when I talk about music. 

Mansell has always done awesome work, but this one in particular is really impressive.

If you're interested, you can hear some of it at the following youtube page;

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Moon was my favorite film of 2009
Moon was awesome! I loved the 2001 style of the moon base. Sam Rockwell owned that performance absolutely a must have DVD for me..
I've been meaning to check this film out. I must get hold of a copy.
It's a really great movie, made all that much better by an awesome soundtrack. I strongly recommend it!

Moon is brilliant I totally agree!


I love how thought provoking and austere this film is. To me this film echoes many qualities of ambient music, such as textural emphasis and minimalist approaches, and utilizes the intervals in between the words of the characters to build tension to a great degree.


I love it and have watched a few times now. Btw... its still currently available for online streaming at netflix too ;-)

Loved "Moon" ... Rockwell was brilliant. And I thought the soundtrack was amazing ... so good to hear a truly ambient sound track in such a film. Here's hoping for more flicks that hit on all cylinders like this one did ...


Those of you who enjoyed Clint Mansell's work in Moon might also be interested in his score for Black Swan.  A truly disturbing movie with some great music and performances...


... but definitely not a feel good film, y'know?

I've added this to my Neflix streaming list... 


I didn't know Duncan Jones was Zowie Bowie (David's kid).

Anything Clint Mansell touches seems to turn to gold.  His soundtrack for Aronofsky's the Fountain is truly excellent and as was mentioned previously, Black Swan is wonderful but then you could just about mention any Aronofsky film and Mansell's soundtrack shines through.

That said, did he not soundtrack the Doom movie... and Sahara? ;)

I don't remember the Doom Movie but Sahara is completley unmemorable. ;-)
finally got to see the film. Not Bad, although it always anoys me when they don't have the time delay on the phone calls.


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