just finished listening to Bruno Sanfilippo and Matthias Grassow - CROMO - piano and drones for the umpteenth time

This is truly an excellent album, though I'm kind of a sucker for piano and ambient textural soundscapes. The Pearl (Budd/Eno) is one of my all time faves. Piano is my first love - I started learning it from my grandma when I was five. She was church organist at the same church in our tiny town of a 1,000 people for... 65 years. Seriously. She taught me for about a year and then said I'd gotten beyond her ability to teach and time for a new teacher. I did that through several teachers - and then I went through a phase of stopping and starting teachers because I really just wanted to play what I wanted to play. I was writing already. Probably not that good - but I was writing. :D

When I hear Bruno play - man, that guy can play. Seriously play. And he's got restraint. He's elegant. He's awesome. Matthias lays down a wonderful textural bedding - there's great interaction there. They have several piano and drones albums together - and Bruno has numerous solo piano albums (not to mention all of his ambient work).